Organizational Behavior and Communication Essay

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Organizational Behavior and Communication

Organizational Behavior and Communication is found in every company, organizations, and groups. Organizational behavior and communications are discussed by using Starbucks Coffee Company. The discussion will cover company’s values and mission statement. The mission statement contains the philosophy, vision, and values. Also, some background of the company will be given. There will a discussion on the communication and on what extent this is determine by the Starbucks Coffee Company Culture.


Starbucks was start in the 1970 in the state of Washington. The name Starbucks was inspire by the novel Moby Dick. In 1987 purchased by a man name Howard Schultz. At the time of the purchase Starbucks had stores only the Pacific Northwest. After the purchase Starbucks was selling coffee in other countries such Europe. In the first vision of Schultz was to fine coffees.

Organizational Culture

The organizational culture of Starbucks is based on diversity. The formula that they use is Diversity=Inclusion+Equity+Accessibility. The definition is “Inclusion: human connection & engagement, Equity: fairness & justice, and Accessibility: ease of use & barrier free” (, 2013). The company has divided the organizational culture (diversity) in the following parts: 1. Partner/employees: Starbucks wants partners as different as the cities they work in. The proper word could be diverse 2. Customers: Starbuck want their customers to have an extremely nice experience. In order to achieve this Starbucks by giving the customer their preferences. 3. Communities: Starbucks does make investment in local communities as well as worldwide. Starbucks by giving economic opportunities in ways of jobs and other forms of help. 4. Suppliers: Starbucks work with many minority groups of suppliers.

Also suppliers that are women. Starbucks support many organizations. Examples of these are Community Service, Youth Groups, and Create Jobs for USA, Also the American Red Cross. The espoused values of Starbucks do agree with the enacted values. Example of this is on July 3, 2012 it was announced that Starbucks will have two openings in Latin America. “Starbucks Coffee Company reaffirmed its commitment to Latin America with two major openings- its first in Costa Rica, and its firs Farmer Support Center in South America located in Colombia” (China weekly news, 2012). Latin America provides large amount of the coffee that Starbucks us. Another example is that in 2010 Starbucks refuse to raise the prices of the coffee.

Most companies raise their prices due the raise of the coffee prices. Starbucks decide not raise the prices for awhile but monitor the prices. The organizational communication of Starbucks is 100% determined by the organizational culture. The communications channels are very clear and easy to use. Starbucks have communication channels that employees can use. These channels are telephone calls, online reporting, e-mail, and written reports. The communication channels for the customers are the Starbucks website. The customer could find the mission statement or locate a store. Also, if a person wants to apply for a job they can do it on the website.

Role of Communication

“Starbucks uses a model of communication used generally by smaller group networks, all channel communication” ( 2008) The communication plays an extremely important role in the organizational culture of Starbucks. The organizational communication is open to the customer. The customers can talk with an employee then the employees report to the supervisors or department heads. The communication channels are always updated by Starbucks.

“Partners are encouraged to report all types of issues or concerns to the program through their choice of the offered communication channels.” (, 2013) Another form of communication is the Standards of Business Conduct booklet. This helps the employees make excellent decision and also how to act with the customers. The communication has no misalignment with the espoused values or enacted values. The organization gives many communication channels for the employees. Another reason is that the company from time to time sees what needs to be change so that the organization can run smoothly.

Conflict in group communication

Whenever a company or an organization has a group that works together there will be a communication conflict. A solution to any conflict needs to be found before the conflict can come out. While researching Starbucks there was no conflict mention. Starbucks does have a clear image. Starbucks does show press releases on the decision that are being made As for the employees are concern Starbucks does provide communication channels to report any issues. The issue that refers to any communication conflicts in the group communications. On the same website the organization will post any communication about the company. The organization can use the conflict to put an additional person in the group to deal with the conflict and find ways to keep the conflict out of the group.

Additional Information

Starbucks supports the Earth watch Institute, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, and Plant Green. These are just a few of the organizations that Starbuck is working with. When the employees are making a decision they have standards to rely on. These standards are Standard of Business Conduct. Starbucks has these standards printed in the following languages English, Chinese, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and Thai.


Starbucks is an organization that puts customers and employees first. They have high levels of values, vision, mission, and philosophy. Starbucks do indeed help the communities that have their location. In the pass Starbucks kept their coffee prices down when the prices of the coffee bean were going up. Then Starbucks is opening up business in Latin American and Costa Rica. These businesses will be working hand- in- hand with the local farmers. In addition Starbucks has used the coffee is from the Latin American and Costa Rica. The communication channels are aligning with the mission, philosophy, vision, and values statement. Also Starbucks provide the customers communication channels to report any wrong doing. Starbucks makes extremely high efforts to have a strong company.

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