Organizational Behavior Essay

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Organizational Behavior

a. How often do you encounter “padded” resumes? What is the most common “padding,” and how do you react to it?

Answer: Not that often. Most of our employees require a Master’s Degree and the jobs are not entry level jobs. I have had some applicants’ state they worked at job, when in truth they just did an internship there. If this happens, I do not consider them for the position.

b. Do you verify the information on resumes? How do you do this? How long does it take for you to be sure that an applicant has been honest about his/her qualifications?

Answer: I verify past employment for at least the length of requirement for the experience needed for the job they are applying for. I go back at least five years. I call their previous employers and try to speak with a manager or department head. The time it takes to verify information can be lengthy. It sometimes takes two three hours to get someone on the phone or days for someone to return a phone call.

c. What would you do if you found that a productive, loyal employee had lied on a resume when applying for a job? Is “resume fraud” and offense that warrants firing?

Answer: In our policy, it is grounds for termination. Each employee is required to read our policy before they are hired.

Source: Tine Bush, Director of Finance and Operations at Lighthouse Counseling Center, Inc.

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