Organizational Behavior Essay

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Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior refers to the manner in which individuals or groups of people in an organizational setting act. The study organizational behavior is mainly concerned with factors such as job satisfaction/frustration, narcissism and the attitudes related to professional ethical behavior (Robbins, 2005). A case study carried out among police officers at the Czech public by the NCJRS has showed that there is a close relationship between narcissism and job frustration/satisfaction especially among those officers whose levels of narcissism are either high above or below average.

According to this study, police officers form an integral part of the state administration and thus heavy demands are laid on them as expressed by their respective norms. For instance, police officers are usually accused of corruption in terms of accepting briberies, discrimination, excess use of power and so forth. The ability for the officers to abide by these ethical norms is highly dependent on their individual attitudes towards the norms.

For instance, it is quite obvious that if a police officer or a worker in any organization feels that they are not getting the job satisfaction they expect from a given job, they will not feel obliged to obey the ethical values and norms of that given organization. This implies that, job frustration can lead to unethical professional behaviors at the work place. On the other hand, people who are narcissistic in nature are bound to just concentrate on their personal interests rather than fulfilling the ethical professional standards required by the organization.

This observation is in consistence with the theory of psychological contract which indicates that the overall performance of the workers is in agreement with the mutual obligations and norms put forward by the organization as well as the theory of frustration states that, if a person is disappointed at the work place keep being, he or she can respond to such frustrations by disobeying the ethical values set by the organization.

The researchers in this study indirectly examined the ethical behaviors prevalent among the police officers by the use of Hyam’s questionnaire of 1990 study to measure the attitudes in relation to corruption, excess use of force, misuse of power, harassment and discrimination as well as other ethically unacceptable behaviors. In this questionnaire, some of the questions were phrased in a reverse way to avoid bias in the officers’ responses.

The measure of the overall ethical behavioral attitudes was obtained by adding all the partial scores whereby, the higher the score signified low ethical value. From the findings of this study, the researchers deduced the likely ethical behavior of the officers by use of narcissism and job frustration by stating that increased levels of job frustration led to greater unethical behaviors among the officers.

In addition, increased levels of job dissatisfaction and unethical attitudes towards their profession were evident among those officers who had high levels of narcissism. This findings show that job frustration and narcissism go hand in hand with bad attitudes towards professional ethical behavior while on the other hand, job satisfaction and low levels of narcissism have a positive impact on the professional ethical attitudes.

In conclusion, this study shows that job satisfaction is highly significant in creating a positive attitude towards ethical values in the police force or any other profession. Personal traits such as narcissism are also paramount and people who posses such characteristics should not be considered for jobs such as police officers because they are likely to engage in corruption,bribery and other unethical practices.

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