Organizational Behavior Essay

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Organizational Behavior

1) Think about your own work experiences and/or current job. Can you distinguish between your job values, attitudes and moods? Identify two of each, and state why you classify them as you do.

I think that the job values that I have towards my career are the same in any position that I may hold. I think that with hard work and dedication,

2) Evaluate your level of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with your current (or former) job (or role in a group or team) in terms of the various job facets discussed in this Lesson. How do you think your job-related behavior has been affected by your satisfaction/dissatisfaction with each of these facets (to the extent you can “dissect” the effects of each)? To what extent has your level of satisfaction changed over time? Why, or why not? Might this be related to how your needs have changed?

In my opinion, the level of satisfaction/dissatisfaction that one may have in their plays a heavy role and influence on job longevity. Personally speaking, human relations supervision, creativity, coworkers, and ability utilization are some of the most important factors that may affect me and my outlook on my role and position in an organization. For example, I have been in job where I felt as though I was more qualified than my manager, and often found myself doing her job, and trying to cover up for her mistakes. I have also experienced severe job dissatisfaction with my role in the company, but stayed longer than intended because I genuinely liked my coworkers and had developed true friendships with them.

Right now in my life, I would say that abillity utilization and creativity are two important factors that I consider when choosing a role. The relationships that I have with my co workers also play a major part, as for me spending 8-10 hour days in a small space with people you don’t necessarily like can be pure torture.

3) Think about the Job Facet Model, Hertzberg’s Motivator-Hygiene theory, and the Discrepancy Model as approaches to understanding how job satisfaction works. Which approach makes the most sense to you, and why? Relate your answer to your own work experience.

4) What do the leaders in your organization, group or team currently do to keep the level of member satisfaction high and/or improve the satisfaction of members? What effects, if any, do you see these actions as having on performance, absenteeism, lateness, turnover and “organizational citizenship” behavior? If their actions do little to keep satisfaction high, how would you evaluate the effects of low satisfaction on these five potential outcomes?

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