Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Essay

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Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

This article has deeply looked into the importances of education. The different perspectives that the author of the article has used in explaining the significance of education has made me to understand the noble part of education which I though was increased economic power. However from the article, I have realized that there are other benefits accrued to education such as improved lifestyle, and also status quo of an individual though they have not been fully exhausted in the article.

The completion of tertiary education has also increase in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) members have also learnt that there is inequality in economic earning in the OECD country members with Spain, Luxembourg and Belgium having the lowest level of gender inequality. This however does not conform in all countries especially the developing countries where the level of unemployment is high. There is high level of unemployed graduates in the developing countries which deprive education of its importance.

The income rate in the developing countries do not match with education level due to high level of corruption in these countries. It is possible to find a Bachelor degree holder earning less than a college diploma holder. The education in different countries vary in significance and in the developed countries the people enjoy the benefits of education more than the people in the developing countries. The articles analysis on sciences and maths score has brought the clear image of performance across different countries.

Just like many people, I could not have imagined that the United States could be led by any other country in the science and technology sector. Amazingly from the articles analysis on these subjects (Science and Maths), Asian countries take a lead including Singapore, China, South Korea and Japan. It have also been noted that different countries differ significantly on the level of education and education attainment. The gender inequality in earning is very prominent in the developing countries which the article should have focused.

The article did not include African states in the analysis except in the science and math performance. I feel that the article needed more of comparison on education in Africa with the first world countries which could have brought about a clear view of education in the two disparities. The article could have discussed about the future prospect of education in the world. With the improved technology, different individuals from different countries are able to acquire universal education and hence chances of employment increase.

The level of competition in education is also likely to go higher as children at a lower age are being exposed to technology such as the internet. The article need therefore to address the future of education in the globe. The benefits of education are broader than the article is stating. Education plays a major role in the conservation of the environment. The level of education determines the ones level of environmental consciousness. With the threat of global warming, education through creating awareness and providing solutions to the problem can make a difference.

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