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Organization Behavior & Communication Essay

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The following is a couple of the relationships that are considered when talking about Political Systems; Justice by definition means to be fair while treating others equally. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and so forth. Judgment is the ability to effectively assess the situation. You must be able to accurately understand the implications of the situation you are in so that you can make good decisions. Judgment is also known as common sense. Dependability is nearly self explanatory.

People must be able to depend on you to provide support, accurate information, guidance and motivation. People must be able to trust in your honesty as well as your competence. One useful way to look at conflict is in terms of power, rights, and interests. Framing the conflict as a power struggle, assertion of rights, or satisfaction of interests can dramatically affect the process and the outcome. If you are analyzing a conflict, identifying how the parties see the conflict in terms of power, rights, and interests can lead to transformative solutions not otherwise apparent.

Power is the ability to have one’s way against the wishes of another. Voting seems to be a simple example, whether a vote is for political office or organizational positions, the voters have the power to choose. Psychic Prisons According to the psychic prison metaphor, organizations are seen as socially constructed realities based on unconscious preoccupations of people in the organization. These socially constructed realities or cultures may be experienced as problematic and confining, which is the reason why Morgan uses the term psychic prisons.

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Morgan subsumes several explanations of human behavior based on psychological mechanisms under the psychic prison metaphor most of these theories assume that people develop unconscious mechanisms, and construct realities, in order to handle anxiety and desire, and that these mechanisms and realities are reflected in. While Political Systems are more so a courageous act physically changing the system or situation, psychic prison works as it depicts a layer of organizational reality that is uncontrollable by nature conscious & unconscious processes, the two can work hand in hand.

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