Organization and Induction Essay

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Organization and Induction


In this assignment we will analyse the importance of induction in making a good impression about the company on the employee. We will enumerate the various steps in induction at workplace and finally conclude our study. The process of induction is the basic requirement for an employee to learn the organizational culture and familiarize with the organization. The process of induction is important to bring new employees into an organisation. This process of induction helps the employee understand his rights within the organization and the expected terms of an employee in the working environment.

The company’s impression is improved on an employee if the organization covers all the medical and legal requirements of the employee along with the his or her safety. An induction program primarily focuses on the enabling an employee to fit correctly within the organisation’s duties and responsibilities. He is made aware of his roles and what the company expects. A useful induction programme will be able to improve the productivity of the employees and in turn try and reduce the turnover of the employees within a short time. Induction has also shown to improve the process of socialization, confidence and commitment of an employee towards the organization.

Induction at workplace

The process in a workplace primarily targets at improving friendliness and increasing a feeling of acceptance. Introduce the organizational culture by explaining “how things really work around here” and the importance that is attached to issues such as punctuality, dress codes, work hours and codes of behaviour.

Outline the organizational Vision and Mission: new appointees need to have a sense of the big picture in relation to the organization’s current focus and future directions and have some insight to the organizational achievements. Clarify job role and responsibilities by discussing the expectations of parties, explaining reporting relationships, delegations, levels of authority and decision making, and outlining how good performance will be assessed, measured and rewarded. Familiarize employees with conditions of employment, facilities and amenities, policies and procedures (such as OHS), whilst avoiding information overload by prioritising what needs to be done and providing information in a staged approach.

New employees are expected to remember a lot of new faces, names and facts about their new job, and to prevent an information overload, it’s important to use different mediums to communicate the information, including face to face exchanges, on-line tools, videos, self-directed work exercises and formal and informal meetings and seminars. Obtain feedback on the effectiveness of the induction process by encouraging feedback from inductees throughout the induction process, supporting continuous review and improvement to existing induction policies and procedures and ensuring that the objectives of the induction are met.


As our workforce grows and becomes more diversified, the quality and consistency of key messages at induction will become even more crucial; this is the key opportunity to engage new employees and contractors and demonstrate and reinforce desired culture and safe behaviors. Is a just in time, just enough approach to induction easier said than done? Maybe, but our experiences have shown that it can be achieved by completing a thorough Induction Needs Analysis; using skilled Instructional Designers to create the program and its resources, and finally ensure active site / organisational involvement in managing the quality of delivery and program content.

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