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Why Is Listening Important in a Business Organisation?
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Listening is an important communication skill to managers; they spend most of their time listening to issues that pertain to their business. In fact, it is the most frequently used communication skill in most organizations. Failure to listen effectively by managers may expose their business to loss. A listener requires few overt skills to engage in listening. Thus, in reality, it requires careful concentration to listen and comprehend effectively what was disseminated. Being a good listener is a highly valued…...
The Importance Of Accountability Within Health Care Organization
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Introduction Accountability is important when it comes to health care for the purpose of achieving success in the health care industry. Accountability can be defined as the process and procedure that one is able to take responsibility for the outcome of their actions. The outcome and responsibility of the actions may be positive ones or negative ones. In health care accountability is critical and requires both the attention and the responsibility of managers, leaders, and employees and act in independent…...
Lying to Your Nco’s Leaders: The Effects Lying Has On The Organization
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Lying to your leadership can have severe consequences for yourself, your platoon, your battery and the organization as a whole. One effect that lying to your leadership has on the organization is the loss of trust between each other. lies can change a relationship and make it unbearable for one or both people in a relationship. Trust is extremely important for a successful relationship. When someone trusts you and you betray that trust they begin to distance themselves. When you…...
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What is Organizational Commitment?
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Organizational commitment refers to the feelings of connectedness and belonging that a member of an organization feels. It is worth noting that this develops a sense of passion and affection in stakeholder towards the company which a leads to a burning desire among the individuals to do everything possible to succeed. Organizational commitment plays a significant role in among stakeholders in deciding to stay with their current organization if given other options (Wasti 312). Organizational commitment determines the level of…...
Welfare organizations
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The promotion of liberal policies in the effort of addressing the problems of those poor in ghetto by integration and race-neutral approach should be championed by the states at all levels of governance but welfare organizations should be empowered to take a bigger stake. According to Buron (2004) housing policies review like Hopes I- VI (Homeownership and opportunity for People Every-where) entail redevelopment or building new houses to blend the larger community should also focus on integration to increase viability…...
The Future Organization
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The escalated pace of change over the past ten years has been breathtaking .Competition has heated up across the board. To achieve prosperity, the future organization must deliver clients better, establish new advantages and survive in hardly challenged markets. To remain competitive, firms must do away with work and processes that boosts the outcome which invalidated the basic assumptions of sustainable markets. There are few companies that have escaped this shift in competitiveness. Entry barriers, which once applied a sustained…...
The Organization’s Key Result Areas
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In order for an organization's competency model to support the accomplishment of its desired results the two has to be linked. The most fundamental way to link competencies and results is to begin by defining them in results-linked language. Attributes can be more tightly linked to results by making sure that their very definition employs a "so that" connection to specific desired outcomes. For example, instead of having an attribute labeled "quality orientation" that is defined as "Striving to do…...
Organizational hierarchy
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Patties Food Limited very recently made a structural change in its organizational hierarchy. It announced, on September 23, 2008, that it was changing its CEO and was appointing a non-executive director . Structural changes and changes in CEO can often create panic. The case for Apple is one of the most supporting evidences for this statement: Steve Jobs’ break from the position of the CEO saw a substantial decrease in the share price of Apple’s stock. However, on the date…...
Manpower Planning and Organization Strategy
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Manpower or human resource planning (HRP) is a very integral development in the course of managing the human resources of an organization (Yogesh 2009). Manpower planning by the banking institutions in the UAE can be defined as the process by which the banks analyze and evaluate the available human capital they have with the intention of establishing the right kinds of personnel needed in various positions within the organization (Bratton & Gold 2003). Thus, manpower planning by the banking institutions…...
Flat organizations structures
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Horizontal organization structures Flat organizations structures or models are also called horizontal organization structures and they are those organizational structures that do not have a lot of levels of intervening between the employees of the organization and the management. There has been increased uncertainty, choices and complexity in most of the organizations due to market forces like new rival competitors, advancement in technology, varying tastes and preferences and global competition. For an organization to perform excellently it has to be…...
American organizations
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The legal and ethical issues that Wal-Mart has had to contend with point to the danger of neglecting diversity issues. The biggest legal headache that Wal-Mart has been faced with is a suit that was filed in 2005 by 1. 6 million current and former female employees who alleged that the company had discriminated against them because of their gender (Wal-Mart to help, 2005). This suit, which is unprecedented in US civil rights history, joins a long list of complaints…...
AIU organizations
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The AIU organization in Europe exhibits a corporate culture that is fit to what obtains with the European. In the organization’s bid to expand its network of operation to South Africa, there is need for it to adequately study the national culture and pattern of marketing in the African country. Thus, it could be able to integrate its already adopted corporate culture with the pattern of culture in South Africa, The marketing strategy introduced into its operation in European country…...
The World Trade Organization Was Formed In Order To Accomplish What Essay
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International trade agreements have improved agricultural production in many countries. The establishment of agreements by many countries has enhanced the removal of many barriers of trade. Farmers from many countries can trade their products more easily in the global markets. Most of the agreements are based on enhancing trade between specific regions. Both multilateral and bilateral trade agreements have improved trade of products since countries can export and import products more easily. Multinational trade organization such as the World Trade…...
Understanding Organizations
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Pages • 7
Many regard David Boje (2004) as the leading postmodern thinker in management theory. His book on Narrative Methods for Organizational & Communication Research underscores the method of storytelling as against the organizational theory of modern times. His concepts present the concept of narrative that contests the usual totalizing and linear approaches often used in organizations today (Boje 2004). However, at present, most organizations are best approached as actor-networks. The Actor-network theory (ANT) was conceived by Bruno Latour, Michel Callon and…...
The secret SS organization
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"Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehorigen," or “Organization of Former Members of the SS,” or Odessa was a secret organization set up by the then Nazi officers in the Hitler’s Germany during the World War II. The existence of this organization has been a matter of great dispute on the international secret agencies. However, there are enough supporting evidences and findings which points to the existence of such an organization. Even those who oppose the view that an organization named Odessa did…...
The Communication in Business Organization
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Pages • 1
The Communication in Business Organization Oftentimes, both parties in business settings, or within the family and society, do not understand each other and end up in conflict. This has been a common situation when there is a lack of effective communication. Sometimes, the employees become unsatisfied with their jobs because they are not able to relay to their supervisors their needs. At the other end of the spectrum, the boss gets mad when things related to the job are not…...
Significance Of Crm Software To An Organization
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It is an uncompromising truth that customers are integral part of every business organization. The business would have no much value without the customers making interactions with it. Thus they deserve to be provided with the desired satisfaction; it is every business’ obligation to ensure that its customers are treated and handled in the most appropriate manner. (more…)...
Power and Politics in an Organization
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Power and politics are both essential in managing any type of organization. Without these two, management and control of individuals within an organization are not possible. This is true because all organizations consist of different groups and alliances competing for the use of limited resources. Power refers to the ability of an individual or group to secure obedience and compliance from another individual or group. Power depends on an individual’s structural position; such position secures power to the bearer to…...
Organization’s strategic capability
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Internal analysis is concerned with looking at resources, the systems and processes utilized within the organization. Additionally, it is concerned with the organization's strategic capability, that is, what it will be able to do in the future. It is important to evaluate the importance of a company's resources, capabilities, and competencies to ascertain whether they are internal strategic factors- that are strength and weaknesses that will help determine the future of the company. This can be done by comparing (1)…...
A Critical Look at Organizational Paradigms
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Pages • 2
A total revamp or turnaround in the way one would think or normally believe in, thus ushering an atmosphere of change in an otherwise thought of impossible scenario. For e. g. , JIT- just in time, is a lean concept that regards inventory as a liability and not as an asset. ‘Paradigm Shift’ as a term was first used by Thomas Kuhn in his book “The structure of scientific revolutions” and published in 1962. Automation at work brought paradigm shift.…...
Organizational Barriers
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In the process of effecting the proposed organizational changes, the company will most probably face certain challenges that may hinder the effectiveness of the implementation process. Organizational culture is one such potential obstacle that can make implementation of proposed action plans to be difficult or almost impossible. In order to ensure effective implementation of the action plans, the culture of the company must play a major role. In the case where the company has had negative experience related to organizational…...
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
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The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) consists of 12 countries that include Venezuela, the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Qatar, Ecuador, Nigeria, Iran, Libya, Iraq and Kuwait and is headquartered in Vienna. The organization was founded in the year 1960 and Founder Members of OPEC include Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. The organization was then subsequently registered with the Secretariat of the United Nations in the year 1962 through the United Nations Resolution Number…...
Organization Development
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The Center restaurant and bar is a medium sized and well established company. It is situated at the central of District of Columbia close to the train station. This is a relatively easily managed restaurant bar with an effective management structure in place, excellent servers and bartenders, and kitchen staff. The company's business objective is to offer an international flavor with broad selection, and serve the best drinks in town. Assume I am a trainee manager in the company; I…...
Organization Chart
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An organizational structure is the one which shows the hierarchy or levels of organization and it represents the designations held by the employees in the organization. Organizational structures can be represented in different ways. These structures can be horizontal or vertical. They can be with broad or narrow span of control. Each kind of the structure has its own advantages and disadvantages. A tall or vertical organizational structure has many levels and it’s characterized by top to bottom approach of…...
John Lewis Partnership Organization Analysis
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Pages • 7
The organisation chosen in this paper entails John Lewis Partnership. This is a well established firm, which is ranked as one of the top ten retail business in the United Kingdom. During the year under review, 2008, John Lewis had 69 department stores and 187 Waitrose supermarkets (John Lewis 2009, p 1). The competitor selected in this financial analysis is Debenhams, which is an organisation also engaged in the retail industry. This firm specialises in clothing, health and beauty and…...
Marketing Organization
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Pages • 4
The third step in the implementation of the market plan will be to put advertisement in the mass media. This would inform the target market of the impending introduction of a new product in the market. This will serve the overall purpose of informing the target market that there is a new product on the way. This stage is very crucial since it will determine how the product will be penetrating the market following the awareness that will have been…...
Managing People in Organizations Assignment 2011
Words • 4603
Pages • 17
Master of Business Administration International Programme Managing People in Organizations ASSIGNMENT OCTOBER 2010 – SEPTEMBER 2011 Prepared by Karim Saied Ibrahim Mahmoud El Sisi Submitted on 22 of August 2011* nd * The delay in receiving of the books to mid of July, 2011 was a primary factor 1 I. Table of Contents # I II IV VIII IX X XI XII XIII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII XIX Contents Table of Contents Table of Figures Introduction What is management?Importance…...
Managing Organizational Approach
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Pages • 1
Organizational development approach requires corporations to solve problems by revising existing system and company policies to bring in positive changes. In the DuPont story, the author is surprised to see the changes that have taken place in the plant since his last tour. As Organizational development strategy is to transform the beliefs and behavior of the workers so they can adapt to new challenges in the market (Mason 2008). Tom Harris, the plant manager, constantly tried to adopt new ideas…...
Managing Conflicts In A Multicultural Organization Cultural Studies Essay
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Pages • 17
AbstractionWith diverseness going progressively imperative in the coming decennaries, most people and administrations would experience the necessity to efficaciously pass on cross-culturally. `` Cultures are like belowground rivers that run through our lives and relationships, giving us messages that shape our perceptual experiences, ascriptions, judgements, and thoughts of ego and other '' ( Lebaron, 2003 ) . Though civilizations are influential, they are frequently cataleptic, and manifest in pull stringsing struggle and efforts at deciding struggle, in indiscernible ways.Conflict that…...
Management Styles in Organizations
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Pages • 5
Their writings are still central in the early training of contemporary managers. The basic orientation of scientific management is that "people are replaceable" and should be treated as if "they are arts in a machine. " It is, as Rogers and Garland-Rogers (1976) describe it, a "mechanistic view of behavior" (p. 30). People should be pushed or driven like machines, it is argued, as they were treated as if they were cogs in a machine that could be replaced if…...
Management of Organization: Lawsons Case
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Pages • 6
It is necessary for him to save some money and reduce the outdraw from Lawson. General merchandising retailer in Riverside, Ontario. A closer look indicate that this request would certainly require careful attention and scrutiny. Subprograms 1 . Jackie is a newly appointed loans officer, Lawson is her first loan request. She is reporting to her superiors. Therefore, she wants the information to be accurate and reliable. 2. Industry data is not available for all ratios. 3. Lawson is sole…...
Learning organizations
Words • 516
Pages • 2
1) Systems Thinking – It is the art of seeing the interrelated nature of the world at large, and how it affects the organization (Maani and Benton, 1999). Stimuli, such as data and information, both affect the organization, in the same way that the organization itself affects the world at large (Midgely, 2003). 2) Personal Mastery – This is seen as the ability to continually understand and realize one’s own personal visions, abilities and limitations. It is the bridge between…...
Labor unions, labor relations and their impact on organizations in the United States
Words • 520
Pages • 2
This essay attempts to define labor unions and labor relations and critically analyzes their impact on organization. It also analyzes the impact of changes, different employee aspects ranging from relation strategies, policies and practices on organizational performance. Aspects like campaign, elections, contract negations, strikes etc will be dealt with too in this context. Labor relations refer to the relationships between management and working force (mainly through labor unions). It touches on all aspects relating to employment terms, dealings and conditions.…...
Johnson & Johnson: Creating a Global Learning Organization
Words • 804
Pages • 3
To provide current, cost-effective training in the fast-paced global business environment, many companies are turning to e-learning. One study shows that about 35 percent of large companies have implemented learning management systems, and another 45 percent are planning them. 1 While the trend is to centralize learning to control quality, costs, and management, Johnson & Johnson launched a successful e-learning system using a different approach. Headquartered on a small campus in New Jersey, Johnson & Johnson is one of the…...
Introduction to the Organisation
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Pages • 4
Quality is a part of the organisation operational activity. It revolves around the analysis if the processes performed to add value are working efficiently and effectively. There have been evolution of different techniques to resolve the problems the organisations are facing to achieve efficient and cost effective production for example Total Quality Management, Just in time, Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing resource planning I and II, Six Sigma, Enterprise Resource Planning. Maintaining the level of quality and improving it is a challenge…...
International organizations play avital role in the global politics
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Pages • 7
International organizations play avital role in the global politics. They provide hope for international peace and security the cooperation within the globe and economic development which is mutual. Examples of international organizations include the United Nations (UN), the World Bank (International Bank forReconstruction and Development), the International Committee of the Red Cross, andGreenpeace. Most international organizations operate as part of one or more internationalregimes. An international regime is a set of rules, standards, and procedures that governnational behaviour in a…...
Inter-Organizational Linkages
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Pages • 4
There is number of inter-organizational linkages too such as EDI (electronic data interchange) that has enabled the new forms to reduce the coordination costs in market-driven organizations. The electronic linkages have become a necessity for doing businesses with larger firms. The biggest disadvantage of this system is that the cost of mainframe software is very expensive and its installation is time consuming. Sometimes there can be a delay in processing. Data can be either lost or undelivered due to technical…...
Innovative organization
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Pages • 6
Innovative organizations are the leading companies these days due to their aggressive style of doing business. They used efficient methods to foresee the future by catering the changing needs of the customers. They use technology for getting competitive advantage and results in progress. 1. Management style Management style plays an important role in the success of an organization. 3M management style is very effective in its decision making and generating ideas. They motivate their employees by giving them power to take initiative…...
Industrial-Organization Theory
Words • 383
Pages • 2
The industrial organization theory was pioneered by Stephen Hymer (1960) who emphasised the competition for market shares among oligopolies. The industrial organization theory has come a long way since Hymer postulated that internal operations of national firms was the reason for the foreign direct investment instead of the international exchange of capital, which had been assumed prior to this time. With this idea in mind Hymer proceeded to establish the theoretical foundations of foreign direct investment in industrial organization theory.…...
Implementation Operational plans
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Pages • 3
The organization should clearly state what line or products it wishes to develop so that it can help the organization to attain the goals and objectives. This line should be taken and incorporated in the organization mission and focus should be on how this product can be developed for the successful attainment of the organization goals in the future. The organization as a structure should provide a platform for the performance of tasks, management style geared towards assisting it in…...
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Why Is Listening Important in a Business Organisation?

...Listening as effective communication skills for managers is significant as the managers spend most of their time listening to problem in the organization with limited resource for combating such solutions, as organizations have failed for lack of lis...

What is Organizational Commitment?

...Notably, companies should strive to have committed and fully engaged workforce. It plays an important role in reducing such negative occurrences such as increased level of employee turnover. Companies will have increased productivity when they have c...

The World Trade Organization Was Formed In Order To Accomplish What Essay

...The access to information about new technologies has been made possible by the improvement in the information technology systems. Many farmers can monitor the market trends by the use of new technologies in communication. The free flow of information...