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Organisational Structure Key terms Chain of command Essay

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Chain of command – Line linking the top of the structure to the bottom workers

Top to bottom



Horizontal – People on the same line, but usually in different departments.

A span of control is the number of people one person is in charge of.

Tall Hierarchal structures

Those with a long chain of command

Management communicate with those directly below them and further down the line. Example: Marks and Spencer, Next, they’re normally formal organisations.

They are tall because there are a lot of people working for them.


Clear chain of command

Staff know where they stand

They know who there boss is

Chances of promotion

They know there entitlements and rights

Specialist departments


Takes more time to make a decision

Inflexible, people only know there area of work, and can’t cover for someone who is not in that works in another area.

Information might get misinterpreted and distorted along the line of communication because there are so many links in the chain.

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Matrix Structure

Sometimes an organisation needs to run according to what projects they have to do. In these situations people usually work together in a team to achieve their projects goals. A person working on a project would have two bosses, the boss of the department that they work in and the leader or manager of the particular project that they are working on at the moment. A project may cover some or all of the organisations departmental areas.

Senior manager heads a division or team of specialists drawn from different departments. A specialist (e.g. finance) can be part of a number of teams or divisions


Promotes coordination between departments – cuts across departmental boundaries – flexibility and creativity

Mixture of knowledge and skills

Allows a range of staff to be involved which gives good experience.


Confusion between managers who are dealing with a number of projects at one time

Projects may be temporary

Too many people involved to make decisions.

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