Organisation Study at Minar Ispat PVT LTD Essay

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Organisation Study at Minar Ispat PVT LTD

Mr.Muhammed shafi, the managing Director of “Minar group” of companies with its corporate office at palakkad, Kerala, India mainly engaged in manufacture and supply of various steel and allied products in the country for the past decade and a half .markets its products in the country through a wide dealers network. Beside Steel Industries, Minar group is an also engaged field like Construction, Education, Health, etc Minar ispat (p) ltd,an ISO 9001:2000 certified company in the year 2006 at anakuzhikkara p.o,kuttikatoor ,Kozhikode, and Kerala, India is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of high quality Cold Twisted Deformed(CTD) Bars and Rods and Thermo Mechanical Treated (TMT) Bars Quality M.S Ingots. They ensure their quality through ONLINE COMPUTER CONTROLLED QUENCHING BOX manufactured and erected by M/s RA TMT Bangalore whose technology is approved by the auditors of CRM(Centre For Research in Metallurgy) Belgium for using the “TEMPCORE” Trade Mark for their products i.e., the license/trade mark issued to the products quality (quality parameters)confirming to the international standards.

The company has obtained ISO 9001-2000 certification
Centralized management
Good training system
Good organizational climate
Excellent infrastructure for manufacturing the products
Skilled employees
Availability of iron ore
Availability of labour at low wage rates

High demand of product
Introduction of promotional activities
Expansion of distributional areas
Unexplored rural market
Export penetration

Competition from other manufacturers
Raw material cost is high and increasing
Transportation cost is high
Slow industry growth
Technological changes
Price sensitivity and demand volatility

Minar ispat pvt ltd produced high quality goods with QC techniques. High competition in the field of steel industry
The working environment is very risky
The use of TMT technology made great impact on the sales volume The Minar Ispat Pvt Ltd ‘main sales promotion tool is Advertisement through television. The Minar Pvt Ltd has been working with an efficient organizational structure The organization is now showing a profitable position

Minar Ispat Pvt Ltd, showing an excellent operational efficiency in all areas. The performance of the Minar is exemplary in market compared to other similar institution. The accounting system is fully computerized.

The organization should recruit fresh candidates by imparting necessary training and development so that fresh ideas can be implemented. The organization should try to maintain a better working environment. Implement innovative marketing.

Appoint a market research team to know the day change in the market and product. So as to compete with there competitors, the company should improve their quality products by introducing modern technology. This will improve the quality of their products. The organization should give promotion to the workers on the basis of their performance. Consider the employees suggestion while taking decision in the organization. To keep daily maintenance in the organization.

More advertisement technique should used for increasing sales volume.

This industrial training has been completed within frame work laid down in the objective of the study. This study has depicted the overall performance of the organization and its efficiency. From the analysis, it is clear that the organization has been working under the efficient organizational structure. The study is indicating the production activities, financial, performance, operational efficiency, HR activities etc.from the analysis it is clear that the organization follow a good system of organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

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