Organisation Behaviour Essay

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Organisation Behaviour

Using the concepts that you have read in the book, describe what would be according to your personality the ideal job for you ? (Sessions 1 and 2) With noadays’ global and competitive environment, Organisation Behaviour look further in workforce diversity. It seeks to include different personnalities in an organisation to improve performances and increase organisation values. Personality is about determining a person’s reactions and interactions with others. Though a part of this fact is determined by heredity, it is also a process of change related to psychological growth and personal development.

Finding a job that ideally corresponds to my personality is not as easy as it seems. According to OB experts, a good job fit refers to « the degree to which a person’s cognitive abilities, interests and personality dynamics fit those required by the job » (Chuck Russell – Right Person Right Job, Guess or Know).

So job fit is not only about matching technical skills, but it is also about matching my inner passion and talent with the job and with the organisation. It has been proven that a good job fit increases performances and attracts talent. On the other hand, a bad job fit can have a negative impact ; that’s why it is critical to success.

To find my ideal job, there are many different tools based on personality traits to describe an individual’s behaviour and distinguish differences, but I have chosen two of them to analyse myself :

• Firstly, the MYERS-BRIGGS compares four type indicators : Extroverted vs Introverted, Sensing vs Intuitive, Thinking vs Feeling, Judging vs Perceiving. Personally, I think that I used to be an ESFJ person (called the Guardian Provider), but that I changed with time into an ESTJ person. (called the Gardian Supervisor). This change is maybe caused by my personal evolvment.

Secondly, OB has also focused on big five factors related to job outcomes :
Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional stability, and Openness to experience. To have an outer opinion about my own personality, I have taken a test online ( by answering questions reflecting these five factors. My results were :

◦ Extroversion : preference to social situations
◦ Agreeableness : tendency to be trusting friendly and cooperative ◦ Conscientiousness : methodical, well organized and dutiful ◦ Neuroticism : tendency to feel insecurity and emotional distress ◦ Openness : interest in creativity, culture and educational experiences

After my self discovery through this analysis, and regarding the relationship between personality and performances, I cannot say that there’s a unique ideal job for me. But taking into consideration my personal preferences, I would like to work as a Marketing Brand Manager..

I think this job would fit me like a glove because :
• it requires a lot of organisational skills by planning the marketing process, and co-ordinating all the elements related to promotion and sales. • It requires group work management, with open-minded and regular interactions and communication with the employees.

• it is also connected to creativity that adds value to the organisation, not only in advertising but in all the marketing process.
• It demand an ability to adapt myself to different situations through innovation • It gives me satisfaction to have concrete results of my work that can have an impact on the company’s performance.

These elements of the Marketing Brand Manager’s job fits well with my personality because they reflect what I am good at. There is no good or bad personality, because every person is different from the other, and so every person has its place in an organisation.

Therefore, finding the best job fit is not only related to what we know, but it is more about what we are today and how we interact.

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