Organic Vs Non-organic Essay

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Organic Vs Non-organic

The reactions associated with non-organic or conventional farming of food system has been observed over a period of time and has indicated that conventional farming has contributed largely to the high levels of toxicity with regard to health concerns of the children, sensitive skin people and chronic illnesses. The health related concerns of people especially patients suffering from breast cancer, asthma, eczema or skin sensitivity and the ratio of their consumption of in-organic dairy, eggs and farm products have been remarkable.

The studies have indicated as early as 1996, that “nitrates and organophosphates” (Ecobichon) which are the main pesticides present in conventional products have been clearly associated with hazardous health problems in babies and chronic illness in adults related to cancer and thyroid. They have been known to develop symptoms like “abdominal pain, headaches, dizziness” (O’Malley). There have been reports which confirm that allergies and skin related dermatological diseases are results of such high levels of toxicity within the body system.

This has been significantly apparent in breast cancer patients who are estimated to indicate high levels of chlorine and pesticide residue within their blood stream. The role of pesticides in impacting the hormones and the endocrine system within the body is linked significantly to non-organic consumption of produce. The impact of nitrates and other chemicals like tartrazine used for color preservation are harmful for the body.

The impact of such pesticide son the children is also significant, leading to higher incidence of memory related, respiratory and skin related incidence of diseases like asthma and eczema. The organic produce has been assured of their purity, in terms that some of the harmful ingredients like tartrazine, nitrates, aspartame , and monosodium glutamate are not permitted such method of farming and production. It is closely guided and supervised under quality control.

The use of phosphoric acid and trans fats which are not closely supervised in non-organic farming methodology leads to loading of toxics which is detrimental for health. The link between skin diseases, cancer, heart malfunction and child related chronic diseases have been directly linked with such use of hazardous pesticides on some form or other used in non-organic farming produce. There have been health issues related to severe allergies in young children and major issues related to cancer and fertility issues in adults.

It is important to consider this issue of organic versus non-organic with informed awareness which is backed by scientific facts and sound research and take measures which support the healthy lifestyle which is indicative of the healthy and organic consumption of food which is selected with informed choice and decision. The low incidence of pesticides in organic produce in comparison to non-organic or conventional produce is justification to acknowledge the significant change which is essential for healthy lifestyle in modern age and time with the turn of the civilization.

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