Organic Architecture Essay

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Organic Architecture

According to john Berger and Walter Benjamin, in order to know how people practically dodge bad parasite we need to live through it first. The two authors discuss in detail how people look at things with a different view from the way they are. The discussion below is about a lecture seminal that will deal with the analysis of Wright’s theory. This will give me a good understanding as to why Wright came up with organic architecture thus helping me to make an elaborate decision in an architectural way. The process will entail a step by step analysis since he started his work till he achieved it. Main body

Organic architecture by Frank Wright is seen as the origin of all architectural nature. This theory is widely used in all design works worldwide. This theory has helped motivate designers into seeing things positively and hence coming up with ideas that will help to better the environment. Through this theory, we are able to understand that talent does not always determine what to do. It better that you do what is right, believing that you were born with a purpose in life. You ought to work hard and fight for something in order to get the expected results. I have read many books that have been an inspiration.

I strongly believe that Wright did not achieve his lessons by miracle; He had to start it at a very early age . Like everybody else he had to work hard to get the achievement. The first step in this case is therefore praying for forgiveness in order to get better life for the future. It is often very hard to change your personal believes and especially at old ages. Though everyone is free to do so, it is encouraged that you explore the talents at an early stage since it is often hard to redeem yourself at later stages. Addition of creativity to any design helps someone become an achiever.

This is clearly indicated by Walter Benjamin when he says that “Boredom is the bird that hatches the egg of experience. ” Wright sees things different because that is what has been instilled in him since he was born. It is something that he had always known and thought of. He has been able to achieve this from the support of his parents. Despite this, Wright himself was talented in having the sense of architecture for a long time. According to John Berger in his book ‘ways of seeing’, he states that what we see is very different from the true nature of things in the world.

This has been a great inspiration to many artists since it gives them the attitude to come up with inventions. This idea was borrowed from Benjamin’s book ‘The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction’. Frank Wright was one of the famous American architects in the 20th century. He also took part in modern architecture movement during that period under the influence of European legacy of form. He mainly majored in designing buildings that are seen in his location even to date. He started his work in 1908 by stating that form and function are one.

This was in contrary to Luis previous words which say that ‘Form follow function’. Because of this, Louis is seen as the originator of the concepts which Wright came to use. He is historically remembered for his habitual designs that are kept up to date in many stores world wide. Unlike Wright, Louis did not focus on building form which could represent nature. For instance, Wright rejected his idea of “making a bank look like Greek temple, instead he built a building to keep the face exterior to work with environment appearance and mostly on the interiors by simply making the areas more spacious awareness”.

Frank Wright sees art very differently compared to Louis who is never focused with nature. His efforts of organizing his movement through the support of his parents and by the use of Louis ideas have won him the fame he has today. His idea of using nature made is seem more of an everyday illustration. He did this through making things which seemed Godly about the human life. He did it in a better way making them in a concept that could not bring about any debates about the imitation of human nature. He criticized Louis works in order to gain himself pride and be seen as a great achiever compared to him.

The process of mechanical reproduction of any work is seen to give out negative results with many losses on the details of art work. His joy was in watching any natural thing being transformed into beautiful art work. Frank on the other hand worked hard and did not allow his enemies to pull down his efforts. He saw Louis who was his mentor as a scared person because of the position he was in. He based his argument on the natural way of life and did not include any supernatural things or experiences. According to organic architecture, his predictions were based on nature and form.

This helps to express a person’s ideas by use of art and design. He also went a step in using Louis slogan so as to gain trust from the people and also gain fame for his respect to the nature of an environment. This also gave birth to many designers since the world is changing on daily basis. During the early stages in the organic architecture, many designers came up with many designs as time went by. John Berger had however previously quoted that “A photograph arrests the flow of time in which the event photographed once existed”. By this, he meant that one thing can not last for long without new ideas and designs be added into it.

This inspired many architectures into coming up with new materials and functionality on the designs they made. One of his many achievements is a residence known as ‘Falling water’ which he designed in Pennsylvania. The building is fashionable and classy with features like sun reflection into the spaces. He also wanted to build the house over the waterfall with concretes and also creating beams and villas which showed the initial use of low cost materials and advanced into new forms that were beautifully used so as to achieve a brilliant beauty concept. Wright had imitated his teacher Louis maintaining the works he had started.

Despite this, Wright had picked up the whole idea and made it his adding the functionalities that were missing and also coming up with more designs. Another designer by the name of Antonio Gaudi used the idea of applying resemblance of things from natural things such as curves expressions and object angles. He did this by making his designs through using an element he had created then blending the elements into a building structure. Through this, he was able to express his sense of nature. People were able to see his creativity in geometry. Nature was his main source of inspiration and he embraced it in his entire design work.

This is clearly indicated when he said that the people who appreciated nature in their design work collaborated with the creator. This architect was followed by another designer by the name Rudolf Steiner. He changed the form and texture by an evolutionary consciousness of the human roots coming up with what is referred today as self conscious design. He combined human awareness with nature to come up with designs that looked almost like true living things. This is clearly indicated when he stated that a free creation of human beings can never exist by itself unless created by man.

Borrowing ideas from them therefore would help in creation of a new design and not a duplicate of the previous. The last example of a designer is John Leutner who became famous because of the modernist octagon house. He designed a tall concrete pole with octagon shape at the top that has a living space of about thirty feet square wide in Los Angeles. The motive of trying to publicize it eventually came to being in the 19 century and become the talk in the whole world. The spirit of nature architecture grew rapidly. Wright’s design had therefore given rise to many architectural designs.

He declared new hint of an approach preparing many environmental studies into the new millennium. He interpreted the nature principles from what had been previously being instilled in the people’s mind. At first he was not able to make it and he ended up coming up with designs that were more natural than the nature itself. His project however does not bring about many arguments but it remained a fact that it was in contrary to the works of his previous colleagues. He had being inspired by the sun and wind and his view was far much different from that of others. He also used trees and stones to bring out the vision of the planets of our days.

The four architectures mentioned in this discussion devoted their efforts and succeeded by making the world a better place that was filled with ornamental expressions that imitated nature giving the expression of the people living in it . The death of the four leaders thereafter paved way for modernism. People have come up with different designs that look extraordinary compared to those that related to nature. Despite this, many people still mimic the ancient works of Wright. He is seen as being a dreamer with many ups and downs since childhood but he was able to achieve great honor.

The theory of form follow function is seen by Wright as a better unifier who made his modern capitalism in the new world. He also stated in a book that “a growing conviction in that of architecture is something with (a third dimension, a depth that) in a spiritual sense may be interpreted as the integral quality in the thing or that quality that makes it integral”. The quality being referred to in this case is the quality of life. This includes trees, plants and animals that make up the nature. In organic architecture, buildings, furniture and the setting are perceived as one thing.

He also insisted than life and architecture should never be limited to the limitations of the past. With the up come of the new technologies, it will be unwise to limit our views to those of the past. The issue of mobility should be considered since in the modern world there are many issues of travelling which are both facilitated by the process of industrialization. These technologies involve the use of computer aided design which has helped in coming up of many modern designs. The contrast of the palette is a good example of showing the difference between the traditional and modern materials used in design.

Conclusion: With the aura and ‘What are you looking at? ’ theoretical, we are able to get a good understanding of the concept of interpreting architectural designs. We are able to understand the views of Wright as compared to those of his mentor Louis. We are able to see how the different architectural designs evolved and become what they are today. It is therefore obvious that anything considered by mankind to be great is never free of imitation. References Frank Lloyds Wright. 1954. The natural House. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Universi

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