Organic Essay Topics

Organic Vs Non-organic

The reactions associated with non-organic or conventional farming of food system has been observed over a period of time and has indicated that conventional farming has contributed largely to the high levels of toxicity with regard to health concerns of the children, sensitive skin people and chronic illnesses. The health related concerns of people especially… View Article

Durkheim’s Organic and Mechanical Solidarity

Emile Durkheim’s concept of the division of labor in the society focuses on the notion of the organic solidarity. Organic solidarity gave rise to division of labor because of the idea that individuals cannot entirely depend on themselves. As the individual state of independence is dissolved and as people cannot provide all the things they… View Article

Whole Foods Market

John Mackey cofounder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) founded Whole Foods in 1980 with the purpose of providing organic foods to the grocery shopping public. This started a movement over the next 30 years that has brought organic foods to the common shoppers in many markets around the U. S. that had only been previously… View Article

Liquid Detergent

The island province of Bohol reinvigorates its tourism promotion with a campaign that is said to “go deep into the roots emotionally.” Its local government recently launched a tourism campaign with the slogan “Bohol: Heart the Islands, Truly Philippines.” The slogan points out that the island is at the center of the Philippines, being in… View Article