Ordering System Essay

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Ordering System


In recent years, technology is evolving rapidly. The use of computers is mostly needed for business day-to-day operations, evidently in most institutions like grocery stores. Grocery stores are familiar to most people and located throughout the country, although their sizes and range of goods and services often vary. Stores in the grocery store industry primarily sell a range of food items, but may also sell some nonfood goods. Most grocery store employees work in a clean, well-lighted, and climate-controlled environment. However, work at times can become hectic, and dealing with customers can be stressful with the use of manual process. In this study, we want to develop a new system for Jewel and Nickel Grocery Store Order System that will help them to minimize the time in taking the orders of their costumers, minimize the time in computing the total amount of each transactions, and to lessen the errors and problems in taking the costumers order for more efficient and time effective process.

JEWEL AND NICKEL GROCERY STORE starts in 1990 with a capital of one thousand pesos only. The owner starts their grocery store on their own. The name of the store comes from the owner`s siblings Jewel their son and Nickel their daughter. Jewel and Nickel Store is located at PritilBinangonan Rizal and they are open at eight in the morning until six in the evening. After 22 years of selling quality goods, their store is now much bigger and now they have their own passenger boat and a lotto outlet.


•To sell quality goods and to earn at least 3% profit.


•To satisfy their costumer and to make sure that our goods are all in good quality.

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