Orca Lolita Aquarium Miami

If I could change anything about the world I would close down every zoo, sea world or company that takes animals in to “save them” but do not release them once they are healthy enough to live on their own. There are so many animals that have been captured to become entertainers and are forced to train for shows by not being fed or separating them from their families, if they are taken in pregnant or with their siblings, to get the animals to put on a show.

fragment There have been books and movies made to bring awareness to the issue but there has not been much action taken. For example the orca whale Lolita has been in captivity for about 50 years. The people at Miami Seaquarium know where Lolitas pod is located and will not release her back with her family.

Some animals will attempt to and sometimes successfully commit suicide because they are so depressed from being trapped, tortured and forced to train by themselves.

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Hugo the orca who was sharing a tank with Lolita did not adjust well to captivity and would intentionally hit his head against the walls of the tank and specifically the viewing windows. He died after 10 years of performing from a brain aneurysm due to the head traumas.

When animals as big as whales die it takes time to remove the carcass from the tank or wherever the animal is so the other animals around them have to sit thereith their friends who are dead for hours and maybe days.

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Legal cases have been attempted because the captivity of animals is in some ways considered slavery. The removement of someone by his or her home by force, imprisonment, made to work, and forever denied freedom is considered slavery. ( fragment Seaworldofhurt.com) The 13th amendment is brought up frequently in these cases but ultimately gets dismissed most of the time due to the amendment relating to human activities not non humans. The case of Tilikum v. Sea world was dismissed because of these same reasons.

Shutting down these major companies would make the world a better place because it would free the thousands of animals in captivity and return them to their families. This does not mean humans would benefit from this change but breeding for animals would be more natural and we could potentially see less animal extinction. Animals will also be able to be raised learning their survival skills as opposed to them learning skills in a zoo or small caged area.

Now not all organizations are evil such as the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center, Inc. and Coast and Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation. But Sea World and Miami Seaquarium are two extremely popular attractions that take animals captive and don’t release them despite what they say, even workers there have quit and have opened up about the horrors of the way they treat the animals. We need to work together to get places like that to close.

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