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Orange Crush


The purpose of this paper is to conduct an online environmental monitoring on Orange Crush. Savannah Morning News states “Orange Crush, which has drawn crowds of young people to the beach for more than 30 years, is an unorganized event. It was once sponsored by Savannah State University, but that stopped 22 years ago.” (Coleman, Dash 2014) The annual spring college event, where college students from the southern states come to Tybee beach in Savannah, Ga. The student take part in different beach activities. The date of the second Orange Crush also has some local ministers concerned. With April 19 being the day before Easter and a Sunday sunrise service standard for Tybee’s beach, the Rev. Joyce Hall of Garden City wants to do what she can to put a little religion into the traditionally party-heavy atmosphere. “Our goal is not to terminate the party or to say they can’t have fun,” said Rev. Joyce Hall. “Let’s change the nature of it. I believe we can do that as a community,” (Coleman, Dash 2014).

“Our issue is behavior, respect the rules,” said Tybee City Manager Diane Schleicher. “It’s not about the influx of people,” (Coleman, Dash2014) since this is an unofficial event, most Tybee residents look it down upon. “The annual event organized via social media draws thousands of people to the beach each spring, many of them young and plenty of them there to cut loose. It typically elicits a lukewarm response from some of the island’s residents, who complain of the noise, safety issues and, in recent years, trash pickup associated with the partying. While significant litter on the beach surrounding the party area was a source of public outcry the last two years, Tybee officials said they didn’t haul away nearly as much garbage as they did after the Fourth of July.” (Coleman,Dash 2014) Savannah Morning News continues to state that this event usually takes place the second week of April, but this year the event took place two back-to-back weekends which was a first for the Tybee Island residents.

“In the past several years, the event has taken place around the second weekend in April” said Botchey. That’s when Kwabena Botchey, who attended college here before moving back to Atlanta in 2010, started planning for an Orange Crush this year. His company, Botchey & Certified Entertainment, booked Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan to play April 12 at Frozen Paradise in Savannah and started promoting Orange Crush as April 10-12. Separately, the owner of D&D Media Group in Savannah started to plan another Orange Crush April 18-19,” (Coleman, Dash 2014). After canceling the request the to rent the Tybee island pier and Pavilion, Desmond Duval backed out of hosting the event which left two date confusion. “ Once it goes viral, Instagram and Facebook takes it over,” said Duval, (Coleman, Dash 2014).


The purpose of the research to conduct and environmental monitoring on the event Orange Crush. Environmental Monitoring also called boundary scanning, public relations audits, communication audits, and social audits. Researchers use environmental monitoring to observe trends in public opinion and social events that my have significant impact on n organization. The six questions that guided the investigation are what type of tweet, meaning if the tweet was original or a retweet. What gender tweeted meaning which of the sexes, male or female, was the owner of the tweet. How many characters were in the tweet meaning out of the 140-character space how much was used during the tweet. Was there an image attached meaning if there were any pictures, videos, or images attached. What was the opinion of the tweet whether it was positive, negative or a neutral tweet. Was the tweet a promotion, meaning if it was promoting something for the event or not.

Twitter is a free, social network founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. This network allows the users to express ideas, thoughts, and conversations within 140 characters. This micro blogging is called “tweeting”,(Twitter,2014). Paul Gil from Net for beginners says “The size restriction of 140 character limit is to promote focused and clever use of language, which makes tweets very easy to scan, and also very challenging to write well. This size restriction has really made Twitter a popular social tool.” Users are also allowed to upload pictures; links to other content, and their tweets can be public or private. Twitter is also popular for media outlets when broadcasting breaking news. You can follow and receive tweets from other users and popular topics and when you become uninterested you can simply un follow, (Smith,Brandon 2012).

From April 14-20 tweets have been monitored when the keywords #SSU and #OrangeCrush typed in the search bar on Twitter. Between these six days the videos, pictures, tweets and retweets have been submitted from the 14th, which was right after the first Orange Crush and the 19-20, which was the second. For primary research a sample of 50 tweets were analyzed. There were no human subjects involved so no consent form was needed. The tweets used for this research were no random. For data analysis the system, SPSS was used.


From the six questions that were asked within the research the information was out of the sample of 50 tweets. There were 68 percent original tweets while 32 percent were retweets. There were 32 percent female while 34 percent were male that were the owners of the tweets.


The major trends in public opinion that may have a significant impact on Orange Crush is that the people enjoy the event. From the research results given it is understood that the event is promoted, enjoyed, and experienced. For further research there can be surveys from the people that attend the event. The limitations of the research would be


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