Oral history

History is often said to be written by the victors
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If one are on top, they get to decide how an event or conflict will be perceived by others because there will not be anyone to refute that story or account. Just as every story has two sides, history itself has many sides to look at. In any given war or conflict, it will be looked at different in the history books. In the Revolutionary War, Americans saw themselves as people who were treated unfairly and were fighting to break…...
An Epoch in the History of Ijio
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AN EPOCH IN THE HISTORY OF IJIO YAYI TIMOTHY OPEYEMI It is interesting that the history of Ijio has become a potent area of human endeavour which must not be relegated. It accounts for a dramatic transformation of the society and indeed creates an history of reference not only for the indigenes but the world at large. Critically speaking, the knowledge of history equip us particularly the history of one’s town. My life was a two way traffic before; church…...
Native American Literature
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Native American literature is comprised of 2 different kinds of literature, the oral customs and the more recent written customs. From these two types are many different designs that comprise the lots of various tribes of the Native American culture. Storytelling has actually long been an essential aspect of all Native American cultures. It is through storytelling that the Native Americans have the ability to give their traditions and cultural identities. Oral traditions as well as the newer composed traditions…...
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African Literature
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African literature is highly diversified, even though it shows some similarities. In fact, the common denominator of the cultures of the African continent is undoubtedly the oral tradition. Writing on black Africa started in the middle Ages with the introduction of the Arabic language and later, in the nineteenth century with introduction of the Latin alphabet. Since 1934, with the birth of the "Negritude," African authors began to write in French or in English. Since the 1960’s quantitative and qualitative…...
Oral traditions
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Many ancient scholars believed Africa had no history prior to colonialism because there was no documented evidence. Professor A.P. Newton, who was a distinguished British historian in the early 20th century, believed that there was no African history because most of the African society was illiterate before the European intrusion. 'History', he said, 'only begins when men take to writing.' He, as well as others who had the same opinion, failed to realize that African communities existed long before colonialism…...
Why is History so controversial?
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Incomprehensible facts of history get overlooked to fit the script people want to believe. So, history by its nature is a subject based on interpretation. As man and time changes, so do stories and tales that include history. Therefore it is necessary for students to make and justify decisions about the relative authenticity of historical texts. History can be compared to the situation in class where the teacher whispers a sentence into a student's ear, and then the student is…...
Plantation and Oral Tradition in Margaret Walker’s Jubilee
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Margaret Walker’s novel Jubilee focuses on the life of a slave girl by the name of Vyry who gains her freedom at the end of the Civil War and sets out with her children, Minna and Jim, and husband, Innis Brown, to make a new life for their family in the Reconstruction Period. Walker’s awareness of the southern plantation tradition is made clear throughout Jubilee in the way that she debunks the negative tropes placed on the shoulders of African…...
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Why is History so controversial?

...Most of the historical texts may contain interpretations and so is its nature. Biased work may be found almost in every historical text. So one needs to find out what the truth is and what's false. This can be done by the several methods as given abo...
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