Optimization of Load During Peak Hours Essay

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Optimization of Load During Peak Hours

The block diagram of the project is shown in figure. The communication will consist of data transfer, controlling node operations. We are using GSM for the wireless communication. The main advantage of using GSM is that the device require very less amount of power so it can be operated from battery. The embedded controller used here is P89C51RD2 micro controller. The P89C51RD2 micro controller is a derivative of 8051 micro controller whose architecture and instructions are same as 8051 micro controller with some additional functionality. Since the micro controller has inbuilt peripherals it is called as embedded controller. The appliances like fridge, bulb, fan etc., are connected to the embedded microcontroller through the relay. We can switch on and off the appliances by using switches.

Each node is measuring the power, which is being consumed by the appliance. The appliance is controlled by the end device i.e. node. The power is calculated with the help of current transformer. The CT, which gives the current consumed by the appliances. Then the current is converted into voltage by the V to I converter. The consumption of power is finding out by the program loaded in embedded controller. in order to power saving we propose two type of house wiring i.e. normal wiring and restricted wiring. Under normal mode no restricted we can use our maximum power under restricted period the restricted power is activated in order to manage the power across the Area.

Under restricted period only we can use limited house appliance when the usage power is beyond the limited power automatically the alarm to alert the consumers in order to switch off the unused appliances with in ten minutes. If consumer to failure switches off unused appliance with in a period, automatically whole power went off. In this power information will be send Nokia3310 or GSM module .Nokia3310 or GSM module is interfaced with microcontroller. The power value will be send from nokia3310 or GSM module to user mobile.

Coordinator periodically receives the consumed power to the appliance and display on its LCD. More End devices can be connected through this network to establish a complete network. Objective of the project is that the wireless sensor network will differentiate and control the devices in the network on the basis of power consumed by them to make the efficient use of power.

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