Optimists Are More Successful in Life

In general, optimists are a lot more successful both in their professional and personal lives. They often feel more energized making them more productive no matter what they’re doing. As a matter of fact, being an optimist has a lot of benefits in life.

Here are Some of the Best Reasons Why You Should Become an Optimist

You Will Become Healthier

This is one of the most significant reasons shared by the Happify Daily website. If you always think that people and the world are inherently good and that life always works out in your favor, you also have a higher likelihood of seeing your own sense of well-being and health as better.

And when you’re always feeling positive about your health, this can actually make you healthier too!

One of the best parts about being an optimist is that you can be one no matter where you live in the world, no matter what your economic status is, no matter what language you speak, and no matter what race or ethnicity you belong to.

Studies have shown that when you feel healthier (because you’re such an optimist), you’ll start becoming healthier as well.

You Won’t reak Out All the Time

Often, people feel stressed about the things that happen around them. In some cases, even the smallest, insignificant things can incite a reaction that’s totally out of proportion. But if you’re an optimist, this won’t happen. By nature, optimists don’t really sweat the small stuff.

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Even if bad things may happen around them, they are protected by their optimism, therefore, they’re able to deal with situations more calmly than others. Some studies have shown that optimists produce lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol even when they’re experiencing stressful situations. Also, they don’t perceive such situations as stressful as people who aren’t optimists.

You’ll Feel Happier With Your Job

When you’re an optimist, this can be highly beneficial to your professional life too. When you always see the proverbial glass as half full, you will feel more satisfied and happier with your job. Because of this, you tend to try harder and push yourself to be as productive as possible each day. Optimists don’t complain (as much) about their jobs and they feel happy to be doing the work they’re being paid for.

It Becomes Easier For You to Bounce Back From Negative Experiences

You may have already heard the old saying which goes, ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!’ This is true for optimists. When they have negative experiences, it’s easier for optimists to bounce back. Rather than stressing about such experiences and worrying more than they should, optimists would work on dealing with the issues which, in turn, makes it easier for them to overcome challenges.

Your Love Life Will Flourish

Finally, being an optimist can also help your love life flourish. Romantic relationships benefit a lot from optimism. Since optimists always look at the bright side of things, they are also happier with the people they have chosen to love. Research has even shown that happiness in a relationship will exist whether just one or both people are optimists.

How Can You Become an Optimist?

As you can see, there are several reasons why optimism is great! But for a lot of people, the challenge is learning how to become an optimist. Easy as it may seem to ‘choose happiness’ or ‘be positive’ all the time, most of us seem hardwired to be pessimists. Fortunately, we don’t have to stay this way. Here are some tips to become an optimist as shared by Mind Body Green:

Focus on the Solutions Instead of the Problems

The biggest challenge people face when trying to become optimistic is focusing too much on problems. Then you start worrying and overthinking things even though the situation isn’t as dire as you may think. If you want to become an optimist, try to focus on how to solve problems rather than the problems themselves.

Play a ‘Movie’ of Your Life Each Day

Another great way to try and be more optimistic is to create an imaginary ‘movie’ of your life in your mind. Think about how you feel, how you look, what accomplishments you have, what you do, and what your life is like. Then set aside a few seconds each day to play this movie in your mind. This is a simple but effective mental training exercise which will instantly boost your mood and change the way you think about yourself and your future.

Try to Find Ways to Improve Your Current Situation

Make it a habit to always try and find ways to improve your current situation. Optimists are often proactive because they know how to see the good in the bad. No matter how bad things may get, if you make this habit a part of your life, you will become an optimist before you know it!

Be Kinder to Yourself

If you want to become a true optimist, you must also learn how to be kinder to yourself. You can never be optimistic if you keep berating yourself for every little thing. When you have accomplishments, celebrate them. When you have failures, brush yourself off and keep trying. These are what optimists do so you may want to try them too.

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