Optimists are Best Friends

Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome?

Since I was a little kid, many people have told me that people should make friends with intelligent ones so that such people could help me a lot during lifetime. Initially, I followed the belief to so-deliberately stay with so-called intelligent people. However, after several month, I found that I prefer to keep strong friendship with humorous people when I get to know of fun people.

Actually this kind of people can help me more and lead me to a happier daily life.

As I am getting elder, I could find plenty of advantages of keeping genuine friendship with simple but funny people. For one thing, people with a sense of humor can cheer me up. I am aware that life is a circus; and from time to time I need a shoulder to cry on and a close friend to confide to.

If this friend never fails to put a smile on my face, obstacles I encountered will seem trivial and no big deal. During my senior school, I met a girl who is not very smart but is pretty funny-Annie. I always give her a call when things don’t go well. In times like a bad break-up or disappointing test results, I wouldn’t have been in the mood for a chit-chat, but she’s one exception. She has a knack for imitating different accents and ways people act.

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With an acerbic wit or sarcasm, she can always make me laugh. There are plenty of kinds of intelligence that will do no good in comforting us, but humor can always help me cope in low moments of my life. Besides, fun friends can instill positivity into my life. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of skepticism, but to live with pessimists can be a real drag. It seems there’s always something they can whine about or pick bone with. Let’s just don’t forget people feed off each other. When I am surrounded by people whose default is positivity, I am more likely to follow suit and turn into an optimist.

No one could deny that intelligence is not a virtue to look for in friends. The benefits of having smart friends around is quite obvious. They’d recommend books of inspiration, provide words of wisdom and share their problem-solving mentality when I am in need of help. But who can say somebody with a sense of humor is not smart? At least I can’t. It takes great intelligence to tell jokes and make others laugh. And also fun friends can offer wise advice as well to pull us through in hard times. People with intelligence, on the other hand, cannot always lighten the loads and lift our spirit. Intelligent people may seem like a good choice of companion, but to look at it more closely, I’d rather hang out with a friend who is fun and cheerful.

As I have shifted my mind from finding intelligent friends to fun people, I also became a cheerful person. Compared with complex relationship with people who are too smart to perform all the emotion, simple live brings me less pressure. And I am also an attractive person to humorous people so I am getting much more friends and cheerfulness.

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