Operations Management: Customer Satisfaction at Denver Facility Essay

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Operations Management: Customer Satisfaction at Denver Facility

The rise in customer service complaints at Canbide Corporation’s Denver facility could be attributed to the lack of customer service which is definitely an essential prerequisite for any business looking to make profit. Therefore it will be important for the Denver facility to design ways to retain the existing customers through customer satisfaction as this is easier than getting new customers (Les, 2007). Some of the reasons leading to customer dissatisfaction include delays experienced in between the gates.

It is clear that the customers do not appreciate their time being wasted at this spots thus the Denver facility needs to reduce the time that customers spend waiting between the gates by coming with better methods of picking up deliveries. Excess trucks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are also causing heavy balking during these days. Thus Denver should distribute the arrival of these trucks evenly through the week to reduce the balking on particular days. (Hill, Brierly & MacDougall, 2003, pp5-10) Delays when picking up products is also another cause of the customers’ dissatisfaction.

The delay could be attributed to inefficient scheduling of the facility’s operations. To curb this, Denver should design an appropriate schedule for the customers to pick up their deliveries so as to avoid the delays caused by overwhelming numbers of customers who want to pick up their deliveries on the same days. (Simester, 2006) These measures should be handled by Denver facility’s operations quality manager who is not high up in the management ladder but impacts a lot on customer satisfaction.

This is because customer satisfaction can only be raised through quality products and services and this is the responsibility of the operations quality manager. (Bhave, 2008). According to the ACSI customer satisfaction scores, the industry has only shown a negative change in customer satisfaction yet other industries like internet portals and wireless telephone service have realized a positive change. In 2008 it had rating of 80 tying with internet portals while the electronics industry led at a rating of 82. (ACSI, 2006)

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