Operational Failures on Management of Sunset Grill at Blue

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In this case, we can appreciate the Sunset Grill at Blue has operational failures on management of capacity and demand which should be considered to solve to get success. Also it explains how the Sunset Grill at Blue was a restaurant which his aimed was to provide affordable meals that appealed to the entire family during their vacations. This restaurant offered breakfast items and lunch menu through the day. The franchisor of this restaurant always was focused on how he could save waiting time to the client when they come to eat in the restaurant instead of customer’s satisfaction.

For this reasons, the owner evaluated important points about the service he has on the restaurant. First, he had a strict police of no-substitutions plates even when they brought the wrong plate and he knows that was bringing complains from the customers. In addition, the franchisor thought that maybe he could reduce items from the menu. Also, he realized they have more clients during the weekend and for that reason he decided to hire one runner staff who just delivers the food from the kitchen to the tables, allowing serves to serve customers more efficiently.

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No concern for the client No waiting area The Sunset Grill was not able to making a special area for the clients give them a place more comfortable at the restaurant if they need to wait. As the case mentioned, the client had to wait around 40 to 50 minutes to get the table and order their food.

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The lack of this waiting area, was affecting directly to the clients. They could be losing some of them because they can find another place without waiting that time. Also, nobody wants to wait 50 minutes for a table on an uncomfortable place.

No customer feedback

“The relationship with the customers is of paramount importance because it is a source of innovation and differentiation” (service management, operations strategy, Information Technology, Fitzsimmons. J, 7th edition ). The franchisor of Sunset Grill shows he didn’t have any relationship with the clients in order to get feedback to improve the restaurant. He focused his business on reduce the time to their clients, instead of worry about client’s satisfaction. The first point the owner of a company or business should do, is create a close relationship with the customer in order to give them what they need or what they want.

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Operational Failures on Management of Sunset Grill at Blue

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