Operation Process Map Essay

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Operation Process Map

Part 2: Personal learning experience
2.1 Peer feedback

Everyone in our group had contributed much to the final outcome. And each member was on behalf of different responsibilities of the group work. Loan Tran, like a group leader, always offer a rough proposal which tight up with our final objective, furthermore, she was responsible for presentation very professional. However, she was trying to insist on her own idea sometimes that means she disregard few ideas from others. Pridsadang Posanakul as another presenter, made more effort than other group members because he also finished his own part for case study very well. For Ngan Dang and Mazlan Nur, they also did well about their own part and provided a large quantity of recommended suggestions to improve the quality of our presentation.

2.2 Level of participation

As i wrote from above, i was not the most contributed one to our group work, however, i had tried to do my best in order to help to improve the contents of our presentation after finished my own part about the characteristics of sustainable supply chain management. From the flow chart, i participated all of the meeting that our group held before, and in our discussion, i joined the discussion and communicate with each other positively. In that period, i tried to persuade other members to agree with my idea and to understand points from them simultaneously. In terms of distant communication, when our group decided to discuss one topic from internet, i made my best effort to provide my answer to group at first which could be checked by our group members as soon as possible so that they could give me the feedback about their advises for my works. At last, in our last meeting, i provided a lot of challenged questions in case of some hard questions we might meet in our presentation.

2.3 Example

A particular relevant example i want to mention is that our group decide how we combine sustained supply chain management conceptions with our case study-Sainsburys’. At first, we thought that we should separate them into two parts, but we tried to combine the case study with the conception together at last. We found it could be understand easier for the audiences. The improvement for my personal development is that the combination of abstract conception with practical cases together could improve the possible of understand largely, especially when i need to communicate with my customers and persuade them to agree with me in the future career.

Part 3: Highlighted concept

The most impressive concept is the gap model of the quality management for my own interest. I have known about the gap between the customer’s concerning expectations and customer’s received perceptions before, but i have no knowledge about that there are another four gaps including the actual product with communicated images, organization’s specification of quality, and the organization’s specification of quality with customer’s, management’s concept of the product. Now, i think i find the relevant problems for my father’s family business should be in these four gaps except the main one. As a consequence, i will check the operational process and make investigations about customers’ attitude in order to avoid the gaps.

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