Opening remarks. President of ASO Essay

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Opening remarks. President of ASO

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen.
First, let me warmly welcome you all to this meeting of the Associated Students Organization (ASO).
I hope that my introductory remarks will help to give us all a sense of direction and a common purpose for our work within the guidelines set out in the ASO Charter of July 2005. Let me begin by briefly revisiting last year’s ARO sponsored career day: 

Over 7500 students attended
550 businesses had booths
15 distinguished speakers ( Steve Jobs, Colin Powell to name a few) All branches of services were represented
45 business development services offering workshops on starting businesses

The responses last year were some of the largest we have ever seen even with this weak economy.
The goal for this year is to aid our students to get hired before they leave for the day. I would like us to focus on more career planners and workshops to help these students plan for their life long career.

When our students graduate, they are competing with a high unemployment rate, thus making securing the job as well as keeping it difficult.
Business development can aid our business majors with the consideration of starting their own business and being their own boss, not to mention maybe if they are successful, they can hire others within their communities that need employment.

Our challenges are tough, but I believe that we are successful if 80% of our graduates get hired as a result of this career day, we have been a success.

Thank You.

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