Ontela Pickdeck A Essay

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Ontela Pickdeck A

I would focus in priority on the teenagers, then on the young professionals and ultimately on the parents and the elderly. As a matter of fact, teenagers are the part of the population both most sensitive to fad phenomena and best at using new technologies.

1) Regina, the Teen First segment to target
The teenagers’ generation is and has always been very sensitive to fashion. Moreover, immerged in the Internet Age since their childhood, they will always be looking for the state-of-the-art device or application (and will always have the time to do it). Thus they will be curious about the Ontela PickDeck for its revolutionary aspect and its ability to link all their devices rapidly. If their friends install the application they will surely do so. On the other hand, they are very good at using new technologies so they will not have the apprehension of dealing with that one. More importantly, they will be the PickDeck best ambassadors to their parents (segment most difficult to target) afterwards, and able to install it for them. The segment’s main default is that they do not own their own money.

2) Steve, the Young Professional Second segment to target
The young professionals’ generation did not grow with the Internet Age so they master it a bit less. They are less curious and have less time so they would use it only if they can see a competitive advantage for their work but they generally work in the old-fashioned way. They will focus on the following qualities of the application: the rapid-sharing, the ease of use and the fact they can use it from everywhere. They would follow the movement if the application was spreading among their colleagues. The main default of this segment is their lack of time both to study advertisement and to learn how to use the application (relatively high apprehension to use it).

3) Sarah, the Parent Last segment to target
The parents’ generation does not understand anything about new technologies. They generally cannot even use a third of their devices’ options. However, once installed on their smartphones they will certainly enjoy it. A non-exhaustive defaults’ list of the segment may contain: The high apprehension to use such an application

The lack of time to consider buying it
The low sensitivity to fads
The inability to install it themselves
That is why PickDeck needs children as ambassadors

2) Create positioning statements for you two first chosen target personas

1) Regina, the Teen
Key themes:
A state-of-the-art technology
A permanent connection everywhere, at any time
A connection with all your friends via social networks
Ambassadors to the family
“My new product PickDeck is the state-of-the-art way to have the pictures you take directly available on all your devices and social networks. Everywhere, anytime, the wireless technology will allow you to keep sharing your best moments with your friends and family.”

2) Steve, the Young Professional
Key themes:
A permanent connection everywhere, at any time
A fast and efficient application
An easy-learning application
“My new product PickDeck is the easiest way to upload the pictures you take automatically on your devices, it is definitely time-efficient. Everywhere, anytime, the wireless technology will allow you to keep improving your efficiency and sharing with your customers and friends.”

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