Ontario Football Club Essay

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Ontario Football Club

After reviewing the Toronto FC’s case study and doing some research about the Toronto’s Football Club I used the SWOT technique to analyse the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the Football Club faced at a variety of stages. The club managed to populate the sport in Toronto by creating a great relationship with the fans. The article case study mentions how the club successfully over-deliver value with the fans in all interaction, which made the fans trust the company even more.

One of the strength the Toronto FC developed was the built of relationship between the club members and the fans. Since Toronto is multicultural city, They were able to target fans from all different backgrounds, that will result in creating more opportunities. Another strength was bringing popular teams to Toronto which made more people come out to the stadium to watch the game or watch it live on T.V. Prices were to be affordable so instead of watching the games on T.V they would come out and watch it at the stadium., it was guaranteed that the fans will be more interested in watching the matches. another strength was arranging the games a lot more friendly games with reputable international teams. All these gave the advantage of getting loyal fans that will sure support the team all the way to the end, The decisions they took was a privilege to the company as it granted them a long term success.

Toronto FC’s target markets are diehard football fans from all over Toronto area, which \come from diverse backgrounds. it was a challenge to make the prices profitable as it was expensive to get the popular teams to be involved and bring them to play at the Toronto FC. That helped better the relationship between the fans and the club members as it showed the fans how much the club members care about them. That’s also shown when the MLSE ensured that soccer fans were included in creating the brand. The company also tried to attract as many people as possible and build that family culture where the team and the fans support each other.

In 2006 five key financiers came up with funds to build the BMO Field, with capacity of 20,000, which was completed right before the Toronto FC’s first game. promotion was a great key for their success. the slogan, “All For One” was a main factor of the attraction of the fans. The Slogan helped attract fans from all over the world with different cultures, and backgrounds. Advertising messages and team’s logo was displayed in variety of languages to fit Toronto’s multicultural neighborhoods.

In conclusion the Toronto Foot ball Club had some successful choices, which helped them succeed throughout the years. This is proved in the case when it said in the article that ticket got sold out and also when the case said, ” The team experienced revenue growth of 25 percent from 2007 to 2008 and 10 percent from 2008 to 2009.” The football club has been so successful that there are long waiting lists for seasons’ tickets. which shows that the tickets get sold out extremely fast.

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