Online Shopping Essay

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Online Shopping

Knowing that technology is improving constantly people tend to use faster ways to fulfill their satisfaction. Shopping on the Internet can make people relax and take their time to think about the product that they want to buy. Internet shopping is getting used to be more familiar to people in recent years, offering various products with low prices and high qualities. Holiday is coming soon most of the people will spend their money on shopping and gifts. Therefore, I think Internet is the better way for people to shop.

For many traditional shopping supporters, online shopping was supposed to help them in saving time, especially during the holiday but instead, it has caused headaches. When you shop online, so many things can go wrong. What you see is not always what you get. Shipping can be delayed. Product can be damaged in the shipping process. Product may get put on back order. Extra shipping fees can pop up. People want to be able to put their hands on the things that they are buying, particularly those things they are buying for themselves. Looking at something on a computer screen is not always the same as looking at something in real life. As the popularity of internet shopping grows, the number of complaints about transactions is increasing. If you are a victim of shopping or auction fraud, the most immediate problem is that you have no real prospect of returning the goods or having your money refunded. After this, there is a risk that your identity details could be compromised.

Hackers could steal your identity and use it to access your personal finances or obtain goods or finance from alternative sources. Knowing that shopping is a necessity in this century but some postpone it for long time because lack of time they have or some other reasons. Shopping online can be a better way to shop rather than shopping in a store or a mall in such cases. Also, lots of people prefer this way lately because it’s easier and lets you save a lot of time. Who wouldn’t like to shop while sitting on their couch and buy things with just one click? Shopping online lets you buy things the easy way and you don’t need to wait in line. Also, if you are shopping from a well known web site, your items would be shipped quickly so you don’t have to worry about when to get the stuff you buy.

People can save a lot of time this way, because you can also do other stuff while surfing for shopping and you don’t have to go out. Furthermore, if you are living in a busy city that has unbelievable traffic most of the days; this can be a way of saving lot of time and avoiding stressful time in traffic. Moreover, shopping online gives you opportunity to get many people’s opinion. You can send the link of the item to your friends and family and get their opinions or you can read the reviews of the item which would be really helpful to see if the item is really good or not.

Also, you can have advantage of buying things that can’t be found in your area or the stuff you find can be expensive in your location so you can find the same item for lower price on the internet. I have seen lots of people buying electronics online because they can find same items for lower prices in other locations. Furthermore, you can find more options on internet than a mall or store and you can even shop in the middle of the night without worrying about time. When we take a look at these advantages, shopping online seems a lot reasonable because it is easier, quicker and gives you numerous options. Also opportunity to buy things that can’t be found in your area or for reasonable prices.

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