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Online Restaurant Management System

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (661 words)
Categories: Management
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Project objectives usually describe the goals or missions of the company to provide better services to customers. The project scope is being developed to describe the function that required in a system. Whereas the project schedule is needed to state the time line for all the task and follow it in order to complete the system on time. For the project team is state out the task that do by the members. Development and operation environment is required to ensure the final system can be develop in a manner way and operate smoothly after being implemented.

We discuss about the fact finding technique, system requirements, and all the UML diagrams. A complete and details requirements has to be gathered before a quality informaiton system can be produced. Hence, the process of requiremens analysis is very important. So, the fast finding techniques that we used are interview and observation. Thus, we had more understand about the restaurant workflow. Functional requiements had described the details of each modules.

Requirements analysis is an important part of the system design process.

Once the client’s requirements have been identified and facts collected, we are then in a position to design a solution. Class diagram is the database structure that comprised of many classes, interrelationships between classes, operations and attributes of the classes. the database dictionary was showed all the database table with attributes name, data description, data types, key, default values and so on. “Database design is an important step in software development”. Software testing is an important stage to ensure that the software is free of bugs.

The purpose of testing is to ensure that the system will propose require function correctly, accurately, efficiency and effectively. 1. 2 Purpose: Nowadays, the world is getting into digital world. System was trying to build out to make people even more convenience on any aspects. INDIA TAKE AWAYS provides an online system to users to make order online. Indirectly, it involves seller (restaurant) and buyer (customer) which could bring benefits to each other and help to sustain the environment. It is a win-win situation that will bring benefit to the world.

This system was bringing a convenience for customer that can make order by just press a button. 1. 3 Scope: Online Ordering Subsystem This Subsystem/module enable customer to make order through online. It will display the menu which includes meal name, image, price, and description. Customer can select the quantity and add the meal into order list. Then, customer can view all the orders in order list and send the order to our restaurant by click the confirm button. Staff enables to check the orders from check list and update the status after the meal is cooked. Delivery Subsystem This module is use when customers choose to delivery.

They should fill in the delivery information such as name, contact number, delivery address, date and time. After fill in the delivery details, submit/send it to the restaurant. The staff will keep track all the delivery after the meal is cooked. Staff can view all the meal order, delivery detail, total amount, tax and charge by using this subsystem. They also can print delivery information for their reference Meal Maintenance Subsystem Admin or manager enables to maintain the meal by using this module. When chef have introduce a new meal, they can use it to add the new meal by enter the meal information.

It also allows to edit meal information like meal price or image. Besides, admin can delete the meal if the meal is lower sales. Report Subsystem This module is use to generate report by admin or manager in order to make decision. The report include monthly sales report, top 5 monthly report, redemption report, feedback report, reservation report and so on. Different report has different purpose or usage. Most of this report is analyst by admin and make adjustment such like increase staff when higher sales month or do promotion when the sales is lower.

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