Online Reservation and Billing System in Business

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Background of the Study

As of the moment, many trends come out in the business world to make human tasks more fast and easy. Information Technology plays a vital role in this part thus making all necessary tasks more accurate and less time consuming. Manual tasks are now being terminated on business establishments because it consumes too much time in an establishment’s operation and also it can produce manual errors.

Online Billing and Reservation is now the current trend when it comes on hotel, country clubs, restaurants, airlines, travel agency and many more.

It lessens the time being used in manually recording the reservations made by many customers and the tendency of making errors and mixing up the wrong reservation of different customers. It is less hassle for people who would like to make accommodations or reservations in a place that is far away from their place like foreigners and other people from different cities. In online billing the current trend now is paying through online with the use of their ATM’s and credit cards.

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Assurance on paying their bills online has been secured by different software and banks.

DirectWithHotels, a World-Class online reservation service provider that enables us to work with the most trusted names on the Internet such as WorldPay and VeriSign. These partnerships ensure the safety of your credit card details and the secure processing of Reservation Guarantee Deposit. VeriSign the world’s leading certification authority for identity trust and assurance on the Internet. It protect transaction against Internet fraud, our website uses the strongest encryption and rigorous authentication via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

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WorldPay is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, the world’s fifth largest banking group that processes credit card payment on websites.

ROYALE TAGAYTAY is a project of respected names in the real estate industry. Sta. Lucia Realty & Development, Inc. Owner/Developer. Sta. Lucia Realty & Development, Inc., a pioneer in the real estate industry and one of the prime developers in the country today, has been providing the best living environments for Filipino homes for almost 30 years. To date, Sta. Lucia owns more than 65 projects in Metro Manila and suburbs which range from subdivisions and shopping centers to golf courses and resorts

The business of Sta. Lucia Realty has grown beyond just the mastery of residential developments. It has likewise set itself apart as the country’s leading golf and country club developer. Its first tandem development of residential estates togeher wih a golf and country club started with the very successful Royale Tagayay Golf & Residential Estates in Tagaytay, which boast of being the only project of its kind to office night-time golfing, with it’s entire 9-hole golf course fully lighted. With the impressive roster of communities created by Sta. Lucia Realty from North to South, Sta. Lucia Realty has been named, “2003 Developer of the Year” by Creba.

Don Alfonso Realty & Development/Panicle Corporation Owner. Through the Royale Tagaytay Estate projects, the Don Alfonso Realty & Development Corporation and Panicle Corporation, sister companies of Sarayba Enterprises, Inc. Marks their entry in the real estate industry. Sarayba Enterprises with its 25 years in the industry, boasts flourishing restaurant business with the continued growth of the Josephine chain of restaurant aside from its various realty projects.

The sports facilities includes 9-hole golf course, squash court, Badminton courts, 12 –lane tenpin & duckpin Bowling alleys, billiards, Table tennis, Darts, skating rinks & bicycle lanes, covered basketball & twin tennis courts and shooting alleys. Also part of their facilities and amenities are the club house, chipping and putting greens, driving range, bridle path, conference & function rooms, souvenir &pro sport shop, restaurants, snack bars, coffee shop, family type sauna, cabin- type sauna, showers, lockers &dressing rooms, workout gyms for men and women, swimming pool, family type whirlpool, function and video room, fishing area, library, videoke bar, children’s playground and family picnic grove. Plus a Beach resort with cottages, restaurant and swimming pool at Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas. Royale Tagaytay Golf and Country Club is the perfect hide away for relaxation and the best way to escape from the busy city life.

While enjoying your lunch from our delectable lunch buffet, they have a pianist to serenade you with music from different era. Whether an occasion to celebrate, a corporate event or just for relaxation, at Royale Tagaytay Golf and Country Club. Royale Tagaytay Country Club is not just a place to enjoy special occasions, but also a suitable venue for corporate events/activities such as conference, team building seminars, sports activities and the likes. They offer a state of the art sports facilities. As part of our large leisure facilities is the nine-hole golf course, this garden golf course is also better off to play with by beginners with a bright potential to be a pro. Our Club is considered as a family oriented club, where each member of the family will have something to enjoy with.

Royale Tagaytay’s growth in the industry is really fast, making it one of the well known Country Clubs in the country but still some of its operations are being done manually like in the process of membership and reserving their venues and rooms, making its operations more time consuming, plus their records are just written in a log book making it hard to file and prawn on errors.

Statement of the Research Problem

When they are storing data transaction these documents are not secured since when there is a reservation to be made they only write it down on a Log Book. Reservations are First come First Serve Basis so if a client faxed or calls the office for reservation they have to go through these records to check if the room that their client wants to reserve is still available for that particular date and time. Reservations are reserved ahead of time that results to conflict of schedule for reservation.

There is an inaccuracy on the records because when a reservation is cancelled some records are not updated. Some records are repeated especially when it comes to their billing system. When a customer pays their bills the billing section has to update the Post Sales system and Billing System that results to redundancy of data.

A client has to call and received a faxed Confirmation/Reservation Form from the Reservation Office and faxed it back to the office. When the clients want to reserve an event they need to go the Reservation office to detail out the details they want for the event. This manual process produces slow processing of their reservation.

Statement of the Objectives

General Objective

Specific Objectives

No corrections here as stated at maam sheb’s corrections

  • To interview the Reservation and Information Technology Personnel of the said establishment, to clarify the current status of the process of billing and reservation.
  • To identify the problems in their current system.
  • To gather necessary documents needed for the study.
  • To know the processes of the company’s Billing and Reservation System.
  • To use prototyping methodology to improve the current system.
  • To train the company’s personnel in using the proposed system.
  • To assist the company’s personnel to make their work easier and faster.
  • To evaluate the impact of the system to the users.

Significance of the Study


This study will help the company’s flow of transaction with their clients, making its tasks more fast and clear. Inconsistencies on the reservation of rooms and venues will be avoided for the credibility of the company’s services. Company’s relationship with members will be great because they wouldn’t have a problem with regards to billing, an accurate computation and storage of records will be served by the proponents. The company would be competitive with other establishments by the implementation of the proposed system.


Clients will have a great deal with the company. Trust within the company will be developed because there would be a clear computation of the bills. Also they will be able to monitor their payment through the internet.


For the employees, tasks would be easier rather than the traditional process of writing records on a log book. Also manual errors would be reduced. Records would be properly arranged so that it would be easy to see if certain reservations are already scheduled. Payment of bills will also be more accurate and can easily be updated.


Purpose of this study is to test the abilities of the proponents to be able to develop an Online Billing and Reservation System for Royale Tagaytay Golf and Country Club which have been experiencing some problems regarding the process of their Billing and Reservation due to their operation is done manually. This study aims to prove that the proponents can develop adequate solutions to the company’s problems through researching all necessary informations that can also help them to have knowledge about programs that they can deal with as they pursue their career in their chosen field as programmers or web developers.


As for the readers and future researchers, the study will provide necessary information about the flow of Online Reservation and Billing Systems. They would have an idea on what problem should they focus on. Solutions to the problem and suggestions regarding with the matters of a Billing and Reservation System will also be provided.

Scope and Limitation of the Study

The proponents of the planned system comprises an Online Billing and Reservation System which was in a portal type, where in the members of Royale Tagaytay Golf and Country Club will be given a username and password to check their personal accounts, events at hand, promos etc. Billing and reservation can also be available in the said website plus if the members already have paid their dues all necessary updates will be viewed by the member the next time they log in. Also the employees of the said company will be given a username and password so that they can monitor their clients’ records, a database will also be made so that records will be kept systematically and all necessary updates will also apply to the said database.

All of the tasks on this Online Billing and Reservation System are only limited for the employees and members transaction, non-members will only be given the opportunity to have information regarding Royale Tagaytay but are not able to make reservations with this system. The transaction of the members on the bank for payment is a separate task that this system would be able to execute.

Membership on Royale Tagaytay will not also be covered, because all membership processes should be done personally on Royale Tagaytay’s main office to supply the necessary documents, information and agreement unto the prospect member. As for the limitations all of the tasks on this Online Billing and Reservation System are only limited for the employees and members transaction, non-members will only be given the opportunity to have information regarding Royale Tagaytay but are not allowed to make reservations using the system. The transaction of the members on the bank for payment is a separate task that this system cannot be able to execute.

Membership on Royale Tagaytay will not also be covered, because all membership processes should be done personally on Royale Tagaytay’s Main Office to supply the necessary documents, information and agreement unto the prospect member. The sales of Royale Tagaytay’s Realty will not be covered on this study because the study only focuses on the Billing and Reservation transactions of the amenities of Royale Tagaytay Golf and Country Club.

Methodology of the Study

A Prototype as defined is an original type, form, or instance serving as a basis or standard for later stages. It is an original, full-scale, and usually working model of a new product or new version of an existing product.

As for our methodology we have chosen Prototyping because as defined, Prototyping is creating a demo of a new system. It is essential for clarifying information requirements. The design of a system (functional specs) must be finalized before the system can be built. While analytically-oriented people may have a clear picture of requirements, others may not. The Analysis, Design, and Implementation phases performed concurrently and on each cycle resulting in a system prototype that will be reviewed by the project sponsor. The cycle repeated continually based on the sponsor comments until the prototype successfully meets the requirements. The last prototype will then be called the system.

Software prototyping has many variants. However, all the methods are in some way based on two major types of prototyping: Throwaway Prototyping and Evolutionary Prototyping. As for this study Evolutionary prototyping model is used where in a software prototype is created for demonstration and requirements elaboration, it is applicable when the user wants to experiment with the system to improve the requirements and to create fundamentally new software out of the recommendations from the previous prototype. The main goal when using Evolutionary Prototyping is to build a very robust prototype in a structured manner and constantly refine it. “The reason for this is that the Evolutionary prototype, when built, forms the heart of the new system, and the improvements and further requirements will be built.

Evolutionary Prototypes have an advantage over Throwaway Prototypes in that they are functional systems. Although they may not have all the features the users have planned, they may be used on an interim basis until the final system is delivered. In this case, the proponents would like to improve the previous system of the company they’ve chosen, Royale Tagaytay Golf and Country Club, in which they already have their own website and own process, the team’s goal is to make the Reservation more faster and easy and also that all transactions can be monitored even more. The proponents will adopt the company’s process and just have to insert their idea of a more computer based and less manual task of the Reservation and Billing transactions of the company’s members. The process of Evolutionary Prototyping involves the following steps:

  1. Identify basic requirements: Determining the basic requirements from the input and output informational forms and processes of Royale Tagaytay Golf and Country Club.
  2. Develop Initial Prototype: The initial prototype was already developed, it is a website that can be viewed at, this includes the user interfaces or the view of the system out of from the basic requirements gathered at Royale Tagaytay Golf and Country Club.
  3. Review

The initial prototype of the system is only a website, an information system that only provides necessary facts and overview about the services offered by the company. But it doesn’t include the whole Reservation and Billing transactions, as a additonal change for this system, reports can now be generated, receipts can now be printed and all the necessary features of an Online Reservation and Billing System will be supplied to the initial prototype.

Revise and Enhance the Prototype

As part of the enhancement of this system, security features will be added for the confidentiality of necessary informations of the members of Royale Tagaytay Golf and Country Club, also walk in transactions can be cattered by the new system that will be created, plus the system will now be like a portal type, that members can access so that they can monitor their transactions with Royale Tagaytay.

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