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Online Requisition


In the world of business, Information system is such where data are collected, classified and put into process interpreting the result thereon in order to provide an integrated series of information for further communicating and analyzing. In a progressively more spirited worldwide atmosphere, Information System plays the role as enabler and facilitator, which endows with tactical values to the officialdom and considerable step up to the excellence of administration. An Information System is a particular type of work system that uses information technology to detain, put on the air, store, retrieve, manipulate or display information.

Information system enables companies to react, respond, cater, store, retrieve, disseminate, and control their new valuable asset that is information. In the years to come, a good information system within a company will be no longer an option; it will become a compulsory in determining success. Upgrading the computer information system is not an option in this technology-driven era; it is a requirement.

Companies that use an up-to-date information system to gather, assimilate, and evaluate internal as well as external information are gaining competitive advantage over other firms. Management is quicker to cater to customer’s needs and complaints. With the growth of communication networks, there are almost no barriers between the firm’s management, employees, customers and suppliers. Networked computing systems have made new modes of work possible.

Conceptual Framework of the Study

Products and information



The customers will input their information and serarch for products Xammp is the software used in this study.

MySQL is the database used in this study.

Online requisition material for gilmore computer solutions cabanatuan campus INPUT

Figure 1.1 shows the customers will be able to search for products and services faster and easier.

Figure 1.1 the Proposed Systemfor the Company

Statement of the Problem
The proponents aim to present the general problem and specific problems

1. What are the advantages of the website in a business?

2. Does the website give accurate information about the company?

3. What are the possible problems that the website will encounter in the future in terms of:

4.1 record duplication
4.2 accessibility of the information
4.3 transaction

Objective of the Study

The reasons for this company to have a website are pretty obvious. Whether they sell products that appeal to a large audience or products that are hard to find, if those products can be delivered quickly to homes or other businesses, online availability is a great way to increase sales. These websites may either maintain their own shopping cart software or use a third party e-commerce service.

If a business provides a service or products confined to a small, local market, they can advertise on the web very economically. At the same time, they can offer a great deal of helpful information about their company, products, services that might not be possible with more conventional types of advertising due to higher costs.

Significance of the Study

To the Customers: it will give the customers an idea where to buy computer parts and where to repair their computer.

To the researchers: it will benefit us through applying what we have learned in this project.

To the company: it will benefit the company in the way that the company will e introduced to other places, be more popular and it will ring them more customers.

Scope and Delimitation

The study focuses on the advantage of using Operational information system in a company. The study will be conducted in Gilmore Computer solutions, Cabanatuan City * Survey on the customers * Interviews on the employee and the manager

Definition of Terms

Information System – Information System is a combination of people, hardware, software, communication devices, network and data resources that processes (can be storing, retrieving, transforming information) data and information for a specific purpose. System – A system is a procedure, process, method or course of action designed to achieve a specific result. Data – Factual information, especially information organized for analysis or used to reason or make decisions. Officialdom – one who holds an office or position or an administrator, especially one who acts in a subordinate capacity for an institution such as a business.

Retrieve – The act of bringing back a data.

Disseminate – “scatter” or to “spread.” Its main usage is probably “to disseminate information.” Website – A set of interconnected webpage, usually including a homepage, generally located on the same server, and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group, or organization.

Internet – a vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide Workforce multiplier – make the work faster and more efficient. Shopping cart software – Typically, a shopping cart is the interface between a company’s web site and its deeper infrastructure, allowing consumers to select merchandise, review what they have selected; make necessary modifications or additions; and purchase the merchandise. Maintain – To keep the system working properly.

Advertising – is the nonperson communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, devices or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media.

The Proposal

Gilmore computer solutions Cabanatuan City offers different kinds of services on computers. The store also sells high quality computers and parts of computers.

Making a website for the store will make it more popular in many different areas. A website where customers can look and order for the store’s available products that they need for their computer.

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