Online Platform for Buying and Selling Software with Copyright Protection


1.1 Project Overview

‘Online Platform for Buying and Selling Software with Copyright Protection’ is intended a reliable online marketplace of software. We provide a web application where owner of software can promote or sell and buyers can buy software. Most important thing of this system is that copyright of software is fully maintained. This project leads to the authentic services like authorized access verification, unauthorized access prevention, network security and data security. It ensures to the users to protect the information and products from being plagiarized or pirated.

And we believe that it will take the software business to the aristocratic level.

1.2 Purpose

Development of software is hard work. But promotion or selling of developed software is harder than first one. Again, sometimes people can’t find their desired software. Our project aims to provide an online shop where anyone can buy and sell software. Software piracy problem is a big issue to provide such service. Generally, piracy is harmful to both software owner and buyer.

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We make a security implementation plan that is balanced with the time and resources, can protect software from being pirated or plagiarized.

1.2.1 Goals of the Project

We mainly focus on that:

· Provide an online software marketplace

· Facilitates software owners and buyers

· Maintain copyright and protect software from being pirated

· Provides high level of data security

· User friendly environment of client and server of the system

· Make a desired outcome of software business

· Provides an open, flexible, reliable base

1.3 Background

Tricks on the Internet have become so popular by creating a big threat for e-commerce sites.

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With the help of malicious code and programs, hackers or an underground can access system and steel information. Very often, the people making the laws have to make a trade-off between allowing people to copy and use the software, and the copyright holders charging for the content. At the same time, even not allowed distribution makes the content more popular. Because of these two reasons, infringement of copyright for proprietary software and content can be bad also for free software and content.

One Italian operation employed upwards of 100 persons and had a turnover of $10 Million. Percentage of Pirated Software installed on computers is around 82% in China and around 20% in USA. The Business Software Alliance (BSA) announces that 83% of software deployed on PC’s in Africa has been pirated.

1.4 Benefits

· The system can be used by any software owner and buyer

· Software piracy protection and security issues make software more expensive

· It can also be used by organizations and business owners to promote their product and at the same time protect the copyright

· The system can solve the negative effects of end-user

· If there would be no protection than anyone could copy and distribute the software and thus steal the copyright ownership

· If the software gets pirated then it would lead to loss of revenue and can have a detrimental impact on the company thus this system is useful in making revenues

1.5 Proposed System Model

System frequently is used only by the registered users. First of all, registered project owner upload his/her project in the system. Secondly, the buyer can download the demo version or buy after paying through the payment gateway. Project owner protects his software with SPP API.

  • Member Registration
  • Project Owner
  • Project User
  • Payment Gateway

1.6 System Process

· Online registration: Users have to register first themselves into the system.

· Payment for buying software: They have to buy the software for accessing it via online secure payment facility available in the system.

· Download: After making payment user can able to download the respected software.

· Process: Along with the software, a serial key will be provided to user that he has to save it for later use.

· PC Id Reader: The software will read the pc mac id.

· Product Id Generation: System will generate a unique user id by applying an algorithm on the acquired mac id.

· Secret Key Generation: The user may now request for serial key. He/she needs to send the user id generated. The key is generated by applying an encryption on generated unique user id.

· Data matching And Authentication: Admin applies the encryption to the user id and sends encrypted key. Even software generates key by encryption and then matches key provided by the user and generated key.

· Authentication: If key matches the software works as full version or is locked trial version.

· Not supported on other PC: If same key is applied on software in another pc, it will not work. Because, the mac id on another pc is different from the previous one.

1.7 Stakeholders

· Software owner

· Online software dealer

· Organization or business owner

· Organization or company who buy the software

1.8 The Scope Of the work

E-commerce has bloomed over years and is one of the fastest-growing domains in the online world. Though it took some time for this to be accepted by the end users, today we are at a point where majority of the people love to shop online. So, online software marketplace is also a popular option.

Again, software piracy occurs in different forms. However, the principle of pirate software remains the same. Some computer users do not consider unauthorized copying of licensed software or downloading pirated software from the Internet to be wrong whereas some want to test the software and see if it can fulfill their wishes before they go and spend money on it. Recently, advancement in the Internet world is also increasing software piracy as an endless number of software can be downloaded from the Internet. There are some defenders of piracy who might say that pirating software in a way is good for software companies as it gives their products free publicity.

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