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Online Inquiry


Resorts are places used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. They contain swimming pools where people can relax and enjoy together with their families and friends. Most of the resort today includes rooms for overnight accommodation. Before, resorts consist of only cottage, a room with a bed has largely been replaced by rooms with modern facilities, including en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning or climate control, function hall for events, spa and an in-house restaurant. The cost and quality of hotel & resorts are usually indicative of the range and type of services available.

Due to the enormous increase in tourism worldwide during the last decades of the 20th century, standards especially those of smaller establishments have improve considerably.

Today, many systems have used an automation process like using online computer system, due to the efficiency and accuracy. “Online Inquiry and Resort Reservation System” is a transaction processing system that has more advantages rather than a manual Resort Reservation.

Prior to the Internet, travelers could write, call the resort’s telephone directly, or use a travel agent to make a reservation. Nowadays, resorts have their own website where anyone can view information on prices and deals. Today, most of the Resorts provide goods and services using online computer system. It helps to perform task in an easy way with less time consumed and enhance the operating efficiency, improve the service experience as well as provide a means to access markets on a global basis.

Background of the Study

Rhosean Garden Resort is owned by Mr. Jhun —— and started on ——. It is located at Baliti-Panipuan Road, City of San Fernando, Pampanga with a total lot area of ________. Currently, apart from the streamers that are posted on the roads, the resort uses the Facebook account for its advertisement and marketing purposes.

The resort uses manual style of transacting business with its customers. It uses the manual process in reserving and logging in names of customers. People who plan to make a reservation should make a telephone call to its number posted in their streamers or in their Facebook account.

With the rapid growth of guests’ inquiring for about __ to __ persons a day plus the walk – in customers, the management somehow is experiencing insufficiency and inadequate manpower sources. This situation, prompted the researcher to propose as “Online Inquiry & Reservation System so that the interested parties would be informed. Its establishment with an online system support is a great help to the customers especially nowadays we are living in a modern world with technology makes our world faster and easier.

Most often, the management encountered several problems in reservation like phone calls misunderstanding; conflicts regarding the availability of rooms, the guest reserves a room personally without knowing that the rooms are fully booked. Waste of time for the customers and they have to find other resort when the rooms are fully booked.

In relation to this, the researcher leaded decided to develop a system that will simplify the task of traditional booking. The proposed system will provide users an easy to use interface that improves the people in utilizing the web today.

Online Inquiry and Reservation System aims to develop an official webpage system that will help the management to post and retrieve information easily and accurately. Increasingly potential customers are looking for relaxation and accommodations thus oftenly searching online. Gone are the days when customers had to rely on resort brochures when planning a holiday vacation. With the support of the online system, the customers can easily search out the availability of the resort.

Statement of the Problem

The proposed system deals with the problems by the management as well as the guests. The study is divided into general problem and specific problems.

1.2.1 General Problem
The main problem that the researcher seek to find is how to develop an Online Inquiry and Reservation System of Rhoseane Garden Resort?

1.2.2 Specific Problems
Listed below are the specific problems extracted by the researcher in the course of his study. Conflicts regarding room availability.
Instance when customer personally reserves a room without inquiry or knowing that the rooms or cottages are fully booked. Phone call misunderstanding.
The management finds it hard to have a clear conversation with the customer over the telephone with regards to the needed information for his/her reservation or inquiry. Limited exposure of the resort marketability
Since the resort only uses some brochures tarpaulins as for advertisement, its popularity is restricted to only to those who see and receive the advertisement – ads. Difficulty in searching and retrieving of files.
Manually searching and retrieving of files or records of reservation from logbooks.

Technology changes everything today. From the way we live and from the way we do things. Website’s and Online Marketing and Advertisement are the key to attract more customers. Old way’s to make a reservation in a resort is to personally go to the resort and make a reservation which nowadays is not very efficient.

A Online Reservation System with 3D mapping for Rhosean Garden Resort will be developed in order to improve and modernize their old manual reservation system. Like any other resort using online reservation to help the customer make reservation faster this will help to make faster and more accurate reservation for the customer.

1.3 Objectives of the Study
Based on the aforementioned problems, the researcher formulated objectives so as to answer the said problems. The objectives are divided into the general objective and the specific objectives.

1.3.1 General Objectives
This study intends to develop an Online Inquiry & Reservation System for Rhosean Garden Resort that will help the management and the customers.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives
The specific problems will be given solution through the following specific objectives: To develop a system that will avoid conflicts in room reservation.
A system that shows the current room reservation in order to monitor the rooms that are already reserved and if the resort is fully booked. To develop a system that will provide an alternative way of having reservation which is through online.
This will lessen the number of reservation calls thus also preventing misunderstanding in conversation. Increase the marketability of the resort by developing a website.
The website will widen resort’s market and can be accessed by anyone surfing the net. To develop a system the will provide a database of all the room reservations.
Provides an easy way of searching reserved rooms and retrieving of previous records of reservation.

Scope and Delimitation
The scope covers everything that the proposed system will be able to do in contrary, the limitations set the shortcomings that the system is not capable of doing.

1.4.1 Scope
Reservation by the customer is available online by signing up the membership form first before he/she can have a reservation. Customer can also make a reservation through phone or by walk-in. Customer can also reschedule his reservation

1.4.2 Delimitation
Rhosean Reservation System is designed to manage all types of Room. Cottege, Villa, etc bookings, made directly by guests .Its powerful reservation, marketing & merchandising features give you the ability to control dynamic room, The reservation system will allow you to dynamically control all of your reservation without the need for an expensive web designer.

1.5 Significance of the Study

We want to know the reasons of hotel & resort in using manual reservation and conduct a study towards the topic because we notice some of the hotel & resort still use manual reservation. The study will emphasize the effects of using manual reservation and how an online computerized…

1.5.1 Economic

The economy are the customer, the significance of our study is that customer can efficiently and easily make reservation thus helping the resort make more income and help the economy.

1.5.2 Educational

Our Study will help us learn more about making database for any client. Widening our knowledge in programming language to help us in future projects.

1.5.3 Technological

It will help the resort overcome its manual reservation system to a online system that will increase the efficiency and lessen the errors and misunderstanding of customers making reservation.

1.5.4 Social

Significance if we will help Make the resort more widely known to the public. More exposure means more income more customers.

1.6 Definiton of Terms

Marketing Exposure – is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers

Marketability – is a form of marketing and used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action.

Website – is a set of related web pages containing content such as text,images, video, audio, etc., accessible via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network through an Internet address known as a Uniform Resource Locator.

Database – is a structured collection of data. The data is typically organized to model relevant aspects of reality (for example, the availability of rooms in hotels), in a way that supports processes requiring this information (for example, finding a hotel with vacancies).

Reservation – an arrangement to secure accommodations at a restaurant or hotel, on a boat, or plane, etc.

Chapter 2
2.1 Local Literature

2.2 Local Studies

2.3 Foreign Literature

2.4 Foreign Studies

An article posted on “” says that you’re one step ahead of the game, tipping the scales in your favor when prospects research and compare your capabilities against your competitors.

Of course, the presence of an online reservation system itself is not enough to make or break the customer flow. You still need to make sure the other aspects of your site (like imagery, for example) are in the best shape to minimize the amount of visitors that bounce off it.

According to an article review about Online Reservation by Peter S. Murray. The system helps speed up cash flow. The old barrier in the way of online payment systems was trust, but this is no longer an issue. The risk of credit card fraud or scam is extremely low for online payment gateways. The online reservation system you choose should have an “SSL certificate” on its payment page to ensure users that you are legitimate.

Online reservation systems speed up your cash flow just by being there. There’s less capital outlay on your end because you don’t have to hire staff to manage customers or pay rent for a physical space. Also, once customers book through it, money goes straight into your account – no lag time here.

They’re also more accurate than you probably are when it comes to mathematical calculations. You can set up coupon codes and discount offers without triple-checking whether you got the math’s right.

A review article made by Dianne J. Harrison for online reservation. It says it’s convenient and fast for you and your customer. Location is not an issue, and neither is time. The virtual set-up means you won’t need to wake up at unholy hours to take resrvatation calls from potential clients halfway around the world. While you dream of being the best damn resort there is, people are going through the process of finding your site, browsing through its content, and making a reservation.

Travellers veer towards tour and activity sites that support online reservation because not only is it easy, but they usually find some great discount deals, too. They can read up on your business, look at your options, and finally make a reservation without being hassled by a pushy sales representative.

A study made by Carlton K. Sullivan says it can give the business a precise head count By using an online reservation system, owners can have a precise running head count of reservations. Precise head counts can circumvent the problem of underbooking to avoid disappointing customers, or overbooking to make sure a sufficient number of actual transactions go through. The system can also be set up to record unique visits to the website to help the owners collect information on how well the site is working to attract customers.

An article called “Making Your Business A Hit” by Dale C. Coleman By introducing this online reservation system, you simply increase your efficiency in providing quick and accurate confirmation to your guests. There is no more waiting time! You can also eliminate the problems of time-difference and minimize the human errors by giving wrong information with email confirmation. this is an excellent way to manage your customer and to gain higher yield.

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