Online enrollment system Essay

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Online enrollment system

An Online Enrollment System was proposed for the enhancement of the current enrollment system of Bulacan Polytechnic College (BPC). The study aimed at creating a system that would provide another option for enrolling and that would compensate for the school’s lack of manpower and time-consuming system. The system contains stores information such as class schedules, pre-requisites, subject and other data needed in the system. The proposed system caters to old, freshmen, transferees and shiftees with the following services: subject evaluation, add and update profile. The system lessens the enrollment time, speeds up file management, and minimizes inaccuracies and errors. Thesis Project Description

The study aimed at creating a system that would provide another option for enrolling and that would compensate for the school’s lack of manpower and time – consuming system. The study sought to develop an Online Enrollment System that would enables the students, faculty, and administrators of the institution to gain access to the proposed system via client computer and to synthesize the different function and solutions needed for the current enrollment system with the proposed system by constantly evaluating and revising the prototype to meet the requirements of the institution.

Background of the Project
The Bulacan Polytechnic College (BPC) was originally known as the Bulacan Public Community College (BPCC). It was established upon the approval of the Secretary of the Education on June 8, 1971 and started operations in 1972. The approval came under the leadership of Governor Ignacio (Nacing) Santiago and the principal of Marcelo H. Del Pilar High School (MHPHS) Miss.

Juana E. Ladia, who took the roles as the first school administrator. On September 29, 1997 by virtue of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Resolution Number 97 – 550, the Provincial Government of Bulacan changed the name of BPCC to the Bulacan Polytechnic College (BPC) and the same time approved its Charter to provide vocational and technical instruction, and entrepreneurship education. Enrollment continued to increase.

The quality of instruction improved dramatically, which can be attributed to the enhanced capabilities of the instructors, improved facilities and library holdings, and modified curriculum. For an institution that has the resolute desire to promote quality education, the never – ending search for excellence becomes the primary aim. The thrust of the institution is to edify and empower the learners with the vocational and technical skills to make them economically self – sufficient and creatively responsive to the needs in a true environment they live.

Current system
Old and new students need to fill up application forms like pre-enrollment Forms, and will input validated ID and registration forms to the department of enrollment officers. The current enrollment system needs that information to process the enrollment of the students. Then, the system will generate validated ID number and registration forms and will also generate the official enrollment form to the enrollees. On the administrator side, the current system will generate student master list of a specific schedule to the faculty assigned.

Comparison of the Approach to other Approaches

A Description of the Application or Software Component
A Brief Description of the Technology Choices
Work Plan

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