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Online Education vs Traditional Education Essay

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Have you ever enrolled in an online class and a traditional class at the same time? Kaleb has tried both unfortunately one was more successful than the other. Kaleb is taking Anatomy and English, Anatomy is an online class and English is a traditional class. He excels in his English class due the face-to-face interaction and swift feedback from the instructor and his peers. The online class on the other hand was the total opposite; here he is sitting in front of the computer dazed and confused trying to figure what to do next. Kaleb is an auditory and tactile learner so he needs physical contact and interaction.

The online class did not provide that physical contact and feedback he needed so he was not very successful in it. Although online and traditional educations are both forms of learning, traditional education is more informative due to the availability, discussion/communication, and structure. Traditional courses have availability to its advantage considering that some students often fail online courses because of lack in availability. In a traditional course you have that face to face interaction and physical contact. Your professors are available on hand for you to ask questions about things you do not understand.

Your classmates are physically available for you all to interact with each other questions. Online courses lack the swift feedback you receive in a traditional classroom. When learning something new you need that immediate availability that the traditional classroom provides. Class communication and discussions are very helpful when taking any type of class. Online courses do have discussions, because the communications for online courses are not definite. Online communication is somewhat unreliable; communicating with a peer online will not always receive a response.

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Traditional class’s communication and discussion are beneficial; if you have information or responses for one of your peers you will immediately receive a response. Unlike online classes, in a traditional course you have class discussion where you are graded to participate. Having discussions during class gives you an opportunity to give your input on the discussion taking place, it also gives you a chance to voice and concerns you have. Also when you have the face to face interaction that I mentioned in the last paragraph you are able to get a response right away without having to wait on an electronic response.

Structure in the classroom is very important. In order to have a successful class you have to orchestrate some type of order. Traditional courses have rules that you must follow if you would like to continue the course that you are enrolled in. Traditional courses have rules such as attendance policies and assignment due dates. Unlike online courses, traditional classes have required participation and presentation you have to perform in every course. Whenever you have these rules and requirements you perform better and excel in your class.

Last, even though online and traditional educations are both forms of learning traditional education is more beneficial and informative due to availability, discussion/communication, and structure. Online courses may be preferred by some students, but when enrolled in such a course you have to be prepared and able to teach yourself and learn accordingly. Although, Kaleb tried both online and traditional courses, he realized that traditional courses are more informative especially for him considering that he is a hand on learner. Now Kaleb will think twice before he enrolls into another online class.

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