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Online Education vs. Traditional Education Essay

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Which type of education would fit a person’s life and ones family’s life the best online education or traditional education? When making a decision about furthering one’s education think about it hard and think about what type of life that person is living, is it calm and easy going? Or is the person always busy and running around doing something with one’s children or just always doing something?

Choosing a type of education is a very important decision to make and should not be made quickly, one would need to think about it and research each type of education rather it be online or traditional before making that choice of which education would work best for that person. Compared to traditional education, online education is the new age of education, and also is much more convenient and less intimidating for most students. Traditional education is more on a set schedule and is more for the hands on learners.

Traditional education is still a superior way to receive an education over the online education, but online education is the new, easier and more advanced way to also receive an education. Online education and traditional education are both awesome ways to receive an education, but also are both very different ways to learn. That person just has to decide which type of education would fit one’s life better online education with easier convenience or traditional education that is on a straight and narrow line.

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Choosing a type of education is one of the most important decisions that one can make in one’s lifetime, so just be careful over which type of education that one should choose. First we will start out by discussing online education. Online education is of much easier convenience than traditional education, because a person can do it at home or even on the go. Online education is ideal for the working parent, or the on the go adult. Many people choose online education over traditional education because for most students it is less intimidating.

The student is in their own environment and it lets them feel more comfortable, so the student can participate and not be scared of what another student will say or do. Also it involves the students more because during online education the student has to post to other students or interact with them, and the teacher as well or the student does not get participation grade and that is important when doing online education. The shy type students feel more

comfortable doing it online because the student is not face-to-face with all the other students they are hidden behind the computer so the student doesn’t have to worry about getting picked on or anything in that students own home. When one chooses to do education online it also contributes to the students to learn better computer skills and the new technology about the computer so they can keep up and be able to graduate the online classes. When one chooses to do online education you have to be able to use the computer to an extent to be able to complete the necessary work needed for online classes.

Online education is for the self-paced learners unlike traditional education which is for the visual learners. Online education and traditional education are different ways of learning and it depends on the person and which one would be correct for that person. Now second let us talk about traditional education. Traditional education is on a set margin every day and nothing changes with the school schedule. In traditional education your attendance is mandatory and is required basically every day for that student’s participation.

When in a traditional education class room it enables teacher and student interaction and encourages face-to-face communication. The student has no choice but to talk to the teachers and the other students to get that student’s opinion. When students are in a traditional classroom setting around other students or one’s peers it creates some competition between the other students, and that is a huge thing to have among student peers. A little competition among students only gets them to go over and beyond to be the best or at least on the same page as the other students.

One student doesn’t want to be left behind the other students concerning grades or assignments. Traditional education is perfect for the hands on learners, the ones that need things to be in front of their face to learn things completely. In traditional education you are on a set schedule every day, where nothing changes except maybe the class, unlike with online education which is much more flexible. Traditional education is much more on the straight narrow line than online education is.

When one chooses to go the traditional education route then you have to show up in class, and you have to sit through lectures from your instructor and cram all that information into notes or in your head. That is why a person has to make sure to make the perfect choice for continuing education if it would be online education or traditional education. Finally when it comes to concerning comparing the two types of education you can find the correct type of education for the type of person you are. Traditional and online education is so very different, but also is alike in many ways to.

The two types of education both have classes, teachers, deans or principals, interaction with other students and teachers either face-to-face or over the computer, grades that you have to keep up to pass the class, plus there are many more. Differences in the two types of education between online and traditional education is what makes the choice of the right type of education for that type of person so hard to choose. Some of the things are like the tuition cost, the type of learner that you are, and some of the degrees that you earn from the college are accredited more than the others are.

Online education tuition is usually cheaper than traditional education, but traditional education degrees are more accredited than online education in most places of business to receive a job. Like for example if two different people were applying for the same job and one had a degree over an online education university course, and the other person went to an university on campus, then more than likely the one that went to the college on campus will get the job.

Not saying that online degrees are not accredited most of them are it all just depends on the university that you got the degree at, and the person over the job you are wanting to get. One of the biggest things about choosing which type of education is the best for that type of person is what type of learner that person is. If you can just read or research something and it helps you learn the subject then online education would be great for you.

If you need visual and hands on learning or a teacher showing and instructing you on how to do something then traditional education would be the best option for that person. At last Online education and traditional education both has their own strengths and their own weaknesses in many different and similar ways. When making a choice of going back to school it is such an important decision to make, and one should never just jump into taking classes or continuing one’s education without making sure which type of education would be the best for that person and that person’s family.

Online education is much more convenient and easier to incorporate into your everyday life, unlike with traditional education. Traditional education is on a set schedule and set margin. Every day is the same routine and you have to show up for class which could be hard for the working parent or even some students. When it comes to concerning tuition cost online education tuition is usually cheaper, although traditional education tuition may cost more, but there degrees are also more accredited by more businesses so you could get a job easier or faster.

So just because online education is cheaper doesn’t mean it is better, but just because traditional education cost more doesn’t mean it is better either, it all depends on the person and the way that person’s life is. Each type of education has its good points and its bad points, so before choosing to go back to school think about it hard and rational so that each person can decide which type of education online education or traditional education is going to work the best for that person and that person’s family.

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