Online Bus reservation system Essay

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Online Bus reservation system

Bus Reservation System is use for traveling company to manage data, so that all the transactions become fast and there should not be any error in transactions like calculation mistake, bill generation and other things. It replaces all the paper work. It keeps records of all the bills also, given to the customers, so that user could update his daily accounts. All most care and back-up procedures must be established to ensure 100% successful implementation of the computerized Bus reservation system.

Seat reservation in bus management system is manually operated by group of people. In this regard many people involve in the activity of of keeping regard of the tickets, BUS, the ‘TIME’ of arrival and ‘DEPARTURE’ train numbers, passengers’ name, address, and gender. If the passenger will be in the large number then managing all of them can become issue. Most of time passengers get late due to the slow and inefficient management by the staff. They get irritated in crowd and feel un-comfortable I n getting of a ticket to go on journey of their desired place. So a reliable way is needed to improve management, decrease cost and make system faster.

2.1-Existing system:
Pakistan “Bus RESERVATION SYSTEM” are neglected by the last government the management of Bus RESERVATION SYSTEM” is not so good. Most of the passengers do not purchase their tickets in advance for return reservation. Because all work is done on note books .having complex reservation. The passengers personal details such as Name, Age, CNIC, destination and Source, bus details like Bus ID,Bus name ,Max seats ,AC or Non AC And Route details like Bus is going from Source to Destination ,Route ID ,Route name are input during booking in. The booking office orders for preparation of the ticket before his/ her check in date. The documents are transferred manually to the Bus driver to check there tickets .It take so much time. To solve this problem we want to make online reservation system.

Large amount of clerical time is required.
The record maintainability is difficult.
Accessibility of accurate information from the past record is difficult. There is always delay in information search and retrieval. It requires many people to carry out a single problem. Lot of human resources is required.

Data reliability and maintainability is difficult.
Lot amount of records need much place to save.
The paper works have to be taken care.
Develop a data base system that stores the record of the passengers, tickets, amount, trains details. Passengers, clerks and administration have separate login.
Create easy and user friendly environment.
Attract user interface to navigate through the system.


The objective of this project is to reserve seats online and to save them from hassles to visit ‘DAEWOO Reservation Centers.’ By doing this, we are not only saving time of public but also saving their cost of traveling/parking to these centers. For Railways it is saving on their infrastructure i.e. Buildings, Air-Conditioning, Electricity, Furniture, Staff etc. this system has also the following objectives. The proposed system is comparatively faster than the existing system. As the proposed system is comparatively faster than the existing system, there will be very less rush and shorter queues at the reservation counters or centers. In the proposed system, we are also making database for all the BUS running across the country. As required, we can edit the database of the BUS and also add the new BUS which will be proposed in future budgets. The acquisition and maintenance of a relational database with the help of hardware, communication network and software including system design. To assess the system chosen in the project operates in an adequately controlled environment. Whether the application’s control is adequate and if the system is in compliance with rules. Adequate security from possibilities of fraud. To show an effective mechanism to ensure most economic usage of available resources.

The scope of project included evaluation of the application and was primarily concerned with the transactions related to booking of tickets from the terminals operated by the DAEWOO personnel. The records maintained in the database of the DAEWOO reservation center were also reviewed. Discussions were held with the database users to gain understanding regarding the various functional aspects of the system. Application controls, simulation and online enquiries were used to evaluate data validation and program logic. The selected data, as made available, for substantive checking of the completeness, integrity and consistency of data using computer assisted applications such as JAVA, MS Access and Structured Query Language (SQL). 2.3.3-THE ADVANTAGES OF THE SYSTYEM:

The system enables easy and fast access to the passenger files. The system provides better data management facilities.
The system enable online booking of passenger into the bus reservation office . The system provides performance evaluation of the employees to ensure maximum output from the employees. The system provides security measures to access to the bus reservation system information lowering data security threats. The system help reduce the congestion of passengers ensuring best service output for customer satisfaction purposes. Easy update of the passenger records.

High customer service standards attract more passengers to the bus reservation system. Reduction of data entry and processing errors.
Greatly reduce paper use at the Bus reservation system.

The visible objects are the following
Bus system (administration)

The system should allow any person to reserve a bus ticket. The passengers can buy a tickets by filling form or after inquiring the tickets availability. The user name can be same but the id should be unique. After getting response from the system administration the user must book tickets and pay charges for that. The printed form of the user should be provided by the clerk if user want to cancel its reservation the administration should return/refund money.

4.1-Administrator Interface:

4.2-Reservation And Print Ticket Interface:

5-Processing requirements:
To realize the targeted achievements at the Reservation system will require the following necessities. Although at a high cost, the benefits are outstanding.

5.1-Type of computers:
It’s highly advised that the most convenient computers to be used should be minicomputers from authorized dealers most advisedly DELL. This will ensure maximum compatibility, user friendliness, and reliability. 5.2-Operating system:

The system analyst advices that the hotel should install WINDOWS 7/windows 8 with an OFFICE 2007 package to realize the maximum potential of the system. The operating system’s high
functionality value and the big deal of beneficial tools prompted the system analyst to recommend it as the most advantageous operating system.

5.3-Data processing modes:
Batch processing shall be applied at accounts department to generate daily reports for the Booking transactions.

5.4-Networking requirements:
Since ensuring efficient and reliable communication at the BUS Terminal is one of the objectives of the system, the system will rely on a network. It’s recommended that good cable be used for PTCL call reservation system.

5.5-Minimum hardware requirements:
250GB hard disks . Computer memory of >1.5GB and processor speed of 2.8GHz Windows 7 operating system 1GB RAM 5.6-Input devices:

Keyboards, Mouse.
5.7-Output devices:
LCD, speakers, Printers, Plasma Panel.

Implementing this project idea is supportive and can improve the design, performance and greater usability. The task of performance evaluation of different databases design, for efficiency is in the spirit.

This project is dedicated to:
Model the existing BUS Reservation system.
Provide comprehensive set of features to enhance the operational limits. Evaluate their performance in different scenarios.
Suggest modifications for greater efficiency.

The methodology that will be used throughout the development process will be a variation on the waterfall life cycle. As the requirements for the project are unlikely to Change dramatically this methodology will fit the project. If the project looked like the requirements would be changing often a more agile methodology would have been chosen. The waterfall lifecycle works by following a strict path through The development process not moving on to the next stage until the previous stage has been completed. The stages for this project will be:

The first stage of the project will involve researching into existing systems, user expectation and then drawing up the requirements of the project. Once we have the functional requirements have been decided upon the Second stage will involve research into the non-functional requirements of the project for instance security and accessibility.

Once the functional and non-functional requirements have been decided upon and the technologies to be used have been decided, the system will be design. Once the design process has been completed the implementation stage can begin, although there will be no formal test driven development for this project when new Features are added or code is edited the system will be tested to ensure that no bugs have been introduced into the program. Once the implementation has been completed the entire system will be thoroughly tested.

9-CASE Tool:
Microsoft Word 2010
Microsoft Access 2010
Net Beans IDE 7.3

10-Delivery TimeLine
Milestone Description Complete
1Proposal and Planning 03/10/2014
2Concept Design TBA
3Primary Page Development TBA
4Secondary Pages TBA
5Review and Testing TBA
6Final SubmissionTBA

To develop a system that would computerize the Seat Reservation, the system analyst has been able to come to a successful end of a journey that has seen him through ups and downs, hills and valleys that even seemed impossible to climb. By God’s grace the system analyst has accomplished the dreams that he had when he wrote down the objectives of this system. As he concludes, he is grateful that the system will be able to serve its intended purpose and meet its objectives to the satisfaction of Passengers.

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