One Way You Can Lower the Cost of Produce Essay

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One Way You Can Lower the Cost of Produce

One way you can lower the cost of produce and be sure of their origin is to grow your own. Even in urban centers people are doing so. Go on the internet and see how you can as well. Discuss and describe one way you can make this happen whether in a dining facility or at home. Produce cost will be lower if you grow them at your home because it will reduce many of the cost that is associated with if you have to buy them in the supermarket or the food/vegetable market.

The cost of labor will be reduce, the cost of transportation; whether it’s by land or a combination of land, sea, and ship will also be reduced. These costs are trickle down to the consumers which at time cause the end product to be very expensive. For the people living in the urban areas there are several option which they can explore to cultivate their own produce. One of such is if they have a piece of land in their yard, they can plant different vegetables on the land. It doesn’t have to be in abundance, a root or two of the different vegetables.

If the piece of land that is not dirt, if it is concrete they can build vegetable beds off the ground and plant their produce there. Another option is to use flower plots to plant your vegetables, this takes up a lot less space and give you the same results, your own produce. When you grow your own produce you have control over the type of fertilizer you used on your crops and you can allow them to grow within their own natural timing. Some of the produce one can grow are; carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and sweet pepper.

These are short crops that once control will not take up a lot of space. These produce sometimes cost a lost if you have to buy them, and since most people are becoming health conscience they are a part of their daily meals. You can imagine how much you can save and the peace of mind you can get not worrying about how they were grown when you grow your own produce. Growing your own produce is all good, I see no negative to it and it should be something we all practice so that we can have more disposable income, eat healthier, and contribute to the protection of the ozone layer.

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