One Should Never Judge Others by External Appearance

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How do u feel when a handsome man or beautiful lady w/ fashion, modern clothes pass by? And how abt a person w/ fat, short rustic appearance or strange clothes? You feel different? &, so do most ppl - It’s said that 1 should never judge a person by external appearance, but it’s very common for ppl to do so. - When 1st getting acquainted w/ a person, most of us tend to look at one’s external appearance and draw a short conclusion on his character? - But how many percentages are you sure that ur judgment is correct? Actually, you can’t tell exactly what a person’s life and their true character is, just from the external appearance.

it’s better to reserve judgment until u have a chance to get to know the person. - This is also what I want to advice u 2day, that is in most cases you shouldn’t judge a person by external appearance.

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b/c judgments based on external appearance may result many problems. It prevent u from really getting to know a person, reinforce stereotypes, and can lead u to wrong conclusions that aren’t true. I>. If you judge a person only by his or her external appearances, you may lose chances to make good friends. - What is ur 1 impression abt these guys? - Will you make friend with this pp or try to keep distance as far as possible? - As you see in “Beauty and beast”,or the Hunchback of Notre Dame, their appearance make ppl scared or and of course, ppl don’t dare or don’t want to get close to them and then ppl limit the contract w this person.

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- And as a result, how can you get a better understand of a person when knowing nothing abt them? - Maybe both of you have interests and hobbies in common. - You cannot know this point because your wrong judgment prevents you from knowing his interest and keeps you too far from him to make good friends.

II>. - What is your opinion abt tattoo? Do you like pp with tattoo on their body? - Many Eastern people, especially many VNese, think that a person with a tatoo is not a nice person. - It’s easy to start thinking that all people with tattoos are not nice person. U apply it for everyone. - U feel uncomfortable around them b/c all you see abt them is their tattoos. That’s what I mean stereotypes. - So before getting to know them, you have a prejudice against them. - Judging by appearance now, become an obstruction, which is the cause of discrimination. But actually, this is just some kind of style, & in many country, Beckham, tatoo is considered as body art, 4 ex, they call this is Henna. III>/Judgments based on texternal appearances can often lead u to conclusions that aren’t true. - Maybe you see someone dressing old, driving old car. You may that they are poor, but maybe the truth is different. - An individuality is a too complicated thing 4 u to judge by the external appearance. Humans consist of two sides: external, which is visible and internal which can’t be seen so easily. Morover people can find way to hide their real emotion, inner, and way of thinking. If u just see the sheep cover of this wolf and u said that this is a innocent person, then you make a big mistake - Even external appearances can change with situation. For example, a person who see this girl in this appearance may say that she is a bookworm, while w/ this appearance, she is no longer a bookworm but a moderable girl. Between A & B, who has the correct answer? - U can’t judge this b/c clothing, hairstyles and other factors of external appearance can be adjusted to fit any situation. Moreover, Someone’s external appearance is not a mirror of a person’s inner.. - There are other facts show that a beautiful person may be rotten inside. Many ppl w/ good appearance may be a pimp or prostitute. w/out carefulness, they may cheat u - W/ this appearance, this man is disabled and can do nothing that is excellent. , u may think that this woman is a housewife, and in the case of Susan Boyle, you may skip a talent if you just judge her by appearance - In certain settings, looks can be deceiving & there is no telling what is under the wrapper CONCLUSION

You should always take time to know new people before making judgments about them. External appearance often does not tell us anything about a person. Judging someone by their appearance is misleading, reinforces stereotypes, and doesn’t lead to the truth. It can prevent you from making a true friend. Above all, if a person has good appearances, he should not rely on them because he will unlikely achieve success if he does not work hard. However, on the other hand, if he looks bad, he should not feel depressed because he can make others respect him through his own efforts

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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