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One Dimensional Motion Essay

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Motion is everywhere: friendly and threatening, horrible and beautiful. It is fundamental to our human existence; we need motion for learning, for thinking, for growing, and for enjoying life. Like all animals, we rely on motion to get food, to survive dangers, and to reproduce; like all living beings we need motion to breathe and to digest. Motion is the most fundamental observation about nature at large. It turns out that everything, which happens in the world, is some type of motion.

This lab looks at one-dimensional motion namely kinematics. This is when an object moves in relation to something else. It is the most basic of motions and a great starting point in researching motion. In looking at motion in a more scientific manner rather than just observing this lab will be taking measurements to look at relationships of distance, velocity and time. These measurements should agree with the known Galilean theories of motion. Method Part A A CBL unit was used with a motion sensor that could determine distance.

The apparatus was placed on top of a table facing a long hallway with no obstructions. The CBL unit was then attached to a Ti-83 plus calculator to gather the data from the experiments. The HIKER program on the calculator was performed, which took distance measurements every 0. 1 seconds for 6 seconds. Each test was collected then the results were inputted into the Graphical Analysis program for regression analysis. The first test was that of a person walking away as shown in figure 1.

The second test was that of a person walking away at a faster pace as shown in figure 2. The third test was that of a person walking towards the detector as shown in figure 3. The fourth test was that of a person standing still with no movement, which is shown in figure 4 and the last test was that of someone walking away and coming back, which is shown in figure 5. Each graph has the corresponding regression curve of best fit that was calculated using Graphical Analysis.

Next the same CBL motion detector was taken outside to allow for enough room for the test and placed on a table. Foam was packed around the sensor to ensure that the device wouldn’t be damaged during the test. The sensor was placed facing up. Again, like before, the CBL unit was attached to the Ti-83 plus calculator for data collection and the BALLDROP program was executed. The program took readings of distance at 0. 02 seconds for approximately 1. 6 seconds.

After the program executed a basketball was thrown in the air above the sensor and caught after 1. 6 seconds. The test was repeated many times because the tester’s hands would get in the way of the reading. When there was no unwanted obstruction influencing the results then the data was saved and imported in the Graphical Analysis software to ensure the accuracy of the results by minimizing the systematic error. Figure 6 is the resulting graph from the data and table 1 has the raw data collected.

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