On writing pays off

Being a good writer does not come naturally. Although some people naturally have such a talent and it may be easier for them to write, but they still need to put in the work to be a good writer. Stephen King was not the best writer when he first started. He would get rejection letters so many times. It was not until after so many attempts to being published did he finally get accepted. Writing should be done because you enjoy it and you want to be better.

After reading Stephen King’s memoir “On Writing” it is clear that in order to be a good writer it takes lots of hard work, mechanics/“tools”, and dedication to “make a good writer out of a merely competent one”. An example to look by of hard work is Stephen King himself. He started off writing as a kid and sent them to many magazines. The only problem was that the magazines would only send him rejection letters along with a few tips.

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He recalls that when he was fourteen years old “the nail in my wall would no longer support the weight of the rejection slips” and when he was sixteen he points out that he “began to get rejection slips with handwritten notes a little more encouraging than the advice to stop using staples..” As a beginner he had no idea as to what he was doing and made lots of simple mistakes. He instead took the advice and rewrote his stories.

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Since put in the work and continued writing his story was finally accepted. If he would’ve just quit then and there he would have been considered to be a “bad” writer. He would have never written so many stories for future generations to enjoy. In order to get better at something you must put in the work like he did. He decided to keep writing and keep trying until one day he finally got paid for his work.

It was not easy but he put in the work because it was something he wanted to accomplish. An example of this is when he was writing Carrie. At first he struggled to write this story but once he put it all together he submitted it. He points out that he received $2500 in advance and this was a book he did not like at first. But his wife helped push him and he continued writing it and eventually he even got a deal for “four hundred thousand dollars.” In the end putting in work does pay off. A personal example of this was back in my Freshman year when I had my first English Honors class and I had my first essay. I had felt confident about my essay and thought it was at least a B+. Turns out I was completely wrong.

When I got it back my paper was filled with red marks and it was a very low C probably even a D. At first I felt very disappointed and I was ready to give up, but I asked my teacher if she would give me a second chance to rewrite my essay. She allowed me to and I even asked her and some of my classmates that had received an A for some help. After rewriting my essay and receiving some advice I worked harder and started getting good grades on my essays. Do not get me wrong there are times where I struggle to write a paper but I try my best to make it a good essay. Another important thing to remember when writing is to be dedicated and to write because you enjoy it not because of the money. If you really want to get better at something you have to put in the time and be disciplined. Stephen would take some of his breaks but he would always come back to his writing and finish his stories. He always had two separate rough drafts and stayed committed to his writing. You cannot start something and just leave it alone expecting it to write itself. He first started writing as a child and would show his mother the stories he would come up with. His mother encouraged him to continue writing and sold them to his aunts. He also started writing his short stories and sold them to his classmates when he was in high school. It was something he truly enjoyed so he put in time to his writing until he started getting better with his writing and became famous. King also supports his claim by describing the different tools needed to make a good writer which are vocabulary, grammar, and “magic”.

He explains the importance of vocanulary and how you must use it corectly. Just because you use elevated words does not always mean you are using it correctly or that it makes sense in your writing. SOmetimes simple is axtually better. Grammar is also very important although many writers do break grammar rules and try to make it their own way. Your sentences must be written with the correct grammar or else your ideas will not make sense and will only confuse the reader. In conclusion, a good writer is not one that just has the skill. Instead, it is one that works hard for what they want to become. Nothing in life comes easy therefore you must work hard and be dedicated to something you enjoy. Even if you do not always succed,you should not give up instead you should still work hard for everything. In the end hard work will always pay off.

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