On Time Package Delivery Essay

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On Time Package Delivery

The report should discuss in detail the solutions to the several issues that are being faced by OTPD. Based on the conversations Wayne had with Dan Gunther (District manager-Boston), Carol Klein (Key account manager-Phil), Mike Wagner (Sales representative -DC) and Carmella Stringer (Director of Admin services- Strawn, Night and Squires), one of the few major issues seems to be the lack of follow up training on the new service –(Express delivery). It looks like the sales staff needs more information and follow-up trainings to get their message across to their customers and to make them understand about the new service effectively.

The sales staff should be invited to discuss the issues being faced while selling this new service and should be provided with the answers to the questions, issues frequently brought up by the customers. Sales force should also be asked to take few quick tests/quizzes when such new services are introduced so that they can know how much they actually retain after the trainings. This should help sales reps to understand the service better and hence sell it effectively to the new as well as existing customers.

Another issue seems to be with the research data. Looks like there is no process set up to provide details or easy access to the data on the products offered by the competition. Until the sales force understands the differences between their product and competitions product, they will not be able to sell their services effectively, as they will not be able to defend their weaknesses or highlight the corresponding benefits of their own services. A solution to this problem could be to set up an internal online repository with all the details about competitor’s products, and where sales people could go and search or compare different products in order to understand their differences, weaknesses and benefits against each other. This should help them add tools to their armor before approaching/convincing a customer to use their product.

Additionally, there needs to be a proper analysis on the requests as well as complaints made by the customers and in case the complaints are due to unreasonable requests; there should be proper process to approach, discuss and resolve the issues. Looks like in the current scenario, sales force is least bothered about the complaints and assumes that most of the complaints are due to unreasonable demands by the customers. Also, employees should be allowed some flexible working hours, like the ones who are not able to maintain a work life balance and in turn impact their personal and professional life. Employees should be properly coached on such issues and should be asked to take some time off to recharge and regain their energy. Incentive has always been a key driver of performance and so there should be better linkages between the performance and the bonuses. Feedbacks and complaints from the customers should also play a role in the salary of the salespeople.

Thus to conclude, proper trainings, performance linked incentives and coaching should help OTPD to improve the sales numbers.

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