On the Sidewalk Bleeding Monuloge Essay

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On the Sidewalk Bleeding Monuloge

All I feel is the excruciating pain entering my aching body. The irritation and agony makes me feel defenceless. I have a multitude of varied thoughts racing through my confused mind. As I am helplessly laying on the cold, wet concrete, with the rain drilling down on me, I am thinking if this is how I am going to die, my life over at the age of just 16.

I can think back and faintly remember someone saying, “that’s for you royal!” and just thinking to myself, if I was not wearing this stupid jacket that I once thought was so important, I perchance wouldn’t have even been in this discomforting situation. All I can do at this point is helplessly lay here praying for someone to find me. Then finally I take a great effort and look over to the end of the street though the rain blurring my vision and see the bright neon lights of a vehicle binding me. I feel a massive relief, I see two figures coming toward me I try to yell again but they seem to just be talking to each other. I want to get their attention but all the sound I can make is the bubbling of blood filing my mouth, as if I am drowning in my own vital fluid. It sounds like the grunt of an animal and that’s the only sound I am capable of making in this state. I start to panic because the people aren’t recognising that I am there, after I take all my energy and frustration to get their attention they look at me for a little then they mutter to each other, I can’t understand much they are mumbling about. I just feel powerless hoping he will make the right decision and just get a cop or hep me. He looks at me, my cut body and the rain soaking my purple royals jacket. He sympathetically says, “Sorry royal,” and walks away.

At this very moment I feel frustrated, overwhelmingly confused with anger and abundance. Is it that big of a deal that I am a royal? I am not just a royal, I am Andy. I feel drastically judged and labelled. Right now I will do anything and everything I am physically capable of just to take this jacket off, the only thing that jacket ever did to me was rob me of my life.

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