On The Last Days of My Life Essay

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On The Last Days of My Life

On The Last Days of My Life
The Fantasy of My Life

On the last days of my life, I want to thank God for everything, for taking care of my family and for my own safety as well. I know every second of our lives are so significant, so I want to make memories be unforgettable. Not every moment I’m here for my beloved family but towards my weaknesses, they still there for me and always encouraging me to stand and never say ‘’no’’. I want to thank them for giving their lots of love and care even sometimes I lose hope, they are diligent enough in explaining that life goes on whatever may happen at least I did my better than best. I also want to spend the last days of my life to those people who are very close to my heart, my gloomy friends.

I want to make a big sacrifice for them and that is to see that they are happy and contented enough for what God that has given to them. I want them to be still complete even my entire presence will not be able to be there. And that is what I want for my family to be happen as well. The third is to my special someone who deserves to change and improve my entire life. I want him to be with me on the last day of my life, enjoy the last hour while singing our favorite theme song and experience the last kiss on the last minute if my life. I want him to be happy so on the last second of my life, I’m giving his freedom to love another woman who will be able to continue my love and care to him.

And God will be my arms in finding the fantasy of Heaven.. :”)

By: Jelin..

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