On the Job Training: Conclusion and Recommendation

Computers are becoming in our life and one cannot image life without computers in today’s world. If you go in any establishment computers are all places. We can say that this kind of innovation assist each and every one of us uses to experience a well-situated life. Thus, we students also need to use different gadgets, devices or modern technologies in order to have an easy going life at school. A manual computation in a school won’t give us a quick computation.

Grade is the primary need in every school all over the world. Grading is one of the most important activities a faculty member does. Many problems in teaching arise because of grading issues. In an educational institution it is important to save files and information in a perfectly secured and life-long place. An example of this information is the grades of the students.

It is truly significant to place these grades in a suitable place like computers.

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Grades in computers can be processed, find and secure in a safe and immediate way. A grading system is an application where grades can be access and save safely by the authorize user. It is a system that can help a lot, not just the registrars but also to the teaching staff. There are many advantages of having a computerized system. Usually it allows work to be stored, edited, and stored without much effort. It can also cut down on some of the paper in an office or make things more automated.

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Given the new innovative way of technology, a series of Computerized Grading System, based on this system would document trend and thereby increase the potentials of the technology education curriculum. It may be advantageous for the schools to use this system that might conduct developmental related need of the learners.

Here are the following recommendations of the Computerized Grading System.

1. To communicate the achievement status of students to parents and others. Grading and Reporting System provide parents and other interested persons with the information about their child’s progress in persons. To some extent, it also serves to involve parents in education process.

2. To provide information students can use for self-evaluation easily. This system offers students information about the level of their academic achievement and performance in school.

3. To provide evidence of students’ lack of effort or inappropriate responsibilities. The system is frequently used to document unsuitable behaviours on the part of certain students, and some teachers threaten students with poor grades in an effort to coerce more acceptable behaviours.

4. To have a fully implemented program that will help to ease jobs. Instructors and that student can rely on having an accurate grade. Objective Grading Format Calculates individual student grades. Collects and displays data for Outcomes Assessments.

5. To eliminate the lag time between the submissions of grades. The purpose of this system is intended to reduce the delay time of computation and submission of grades. This Computerized Grading System has several advantages unlike the manual computation. All the tasks can be done efficiently, faster and error free. The proponents attempt to develop a Grading System that may eliminate the word “manual”. Another feature is the automatic importing of grades from the instructor’s class record and printing it in different forms, unlike the current system wherein they need to write everything and present everything in person.

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On the Job Training: Conclusion and Recommendation

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