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On Table 1 clearly certain company show that the industryrelated

On Table 1, clearly certain company show that the industry-related work experience most important than any other scope of work. A few companies have been asking neither to consider the value of either research or unpaid work experiences but research experience did not seem to be necessarily important to respondent. Research plays an important part in university education based on an opinion that contradicts attitudes of academic believing. Employer also did not show interest by any unpaid or community work or non-industry related work experience and applicant may have gained.

According Matt Hackett, work experience is more important. Generally, experienced workers are important asset and can hit the ground if can handle industry issues, market pressure and customer demand also manage to secure the job. (Cole J., 2014)

A study by Archer and Davison (2008), seeing the perspectives of employers on graduate employability, some universities provides a variance between promoting and what is required by industry. Employers considered were in agreement about what were to be the most important skills that are look for in graduates.

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Employers notes to the value graduates who can demonstrate an entrepreneurial and innovative approach, and have critical thinking and lots of idea which brings fresh perspectives and challenges assumptions, a readiness to take part and contribute, openness to new ideas and a drive to make these happen.

Archer and Davison (2008) found that regardless of the size of the company, ‘soft skills’ (eg communication skills and team-working) were perceived to have more weight than technical or ‘hard skills’ (eg a good degree qualification, IT skills).

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Indeed, Glass et al (2008) found that a minority of employers in previous case studies recruit individuals from universities specifically for the technical skills that hope will bring profit to the organisation. Rather, most employers see a degree as a proxy for achieving a certain level of competence that represents the minimum standard that are seeking in a new recruit.

The findings here illustrate that universities need to equip graduates with ‘deep’ intellectual capabilities and a battery of applied practical skills which make them more ‘work-ready’. Archer & Davison (2008, p8)

According to Harvey et al, (1997 cited in Holden and Jameson, 2002), most employers are looking for graduates who are proactive, can use higher level skills including analysis, critique, synthesis and multi layered communication to facilitate innovative teamwork in catalysing the transformation of their organization.

2.3 Advantage and disadvantage

2.3.1Experience worker

Experienced worker has practical knowledge which can make candidate stand out and

get benefit. Having the work experience give basic structure to candidate resume and

will add more focus to the interviewer and have many chances that the resume gets

add point and employer might consider for higher job roles as already are

experience to the relevant job but even though there is a lot of advantage, still

experience workers have disadvantage.

Table 2: Advantage and disadvantage experience worker

No Advantage Disadvantage

1. Master of soft skills is generally come by more exposure to the environment because good work experience will enhance candidate to communicate, team building skills, awareness about the industry and lot more. A person with experience based usually can adapt a strong soft skill ability.

Salary negotiations might be tough for certain person who have experience workers background because when thinking to work in new places might cause a problem, wages for new job will depend upon the earlier pay scale.

2. Next, work experience makes more worthier for employee because can upgrades in application form and also has great impression when apply in certain job and having that will help candidate to choose a right organisation, right sector and other that help candidates choose things which suit the candidate environment.

Sometimes for the new job offer did not match with skill that candidate has and certain job that likely to apply, get reduce. The number of options less in choose a job and will affect skill set in future.

3. Furthermore, candidates will have opportunity great offers and get the chance of improvement in career as candidate move with a work experience. Generally, having work experience will make candidate move to the better position in the organization.

Poor work life balance, more commitment to handle and will affect work life balance as well as worker’s health.

4. Working experience know how to handle and acknowledge understanding the human mind and adapt any kind of environment and can get more benefits related to company policies such as companies will offer candidates with beneficial plans like good medical coverage, pension plan, paid leave and more.

Being an experienced person, people might have high expectation that related to work and can pressured on handling the expectation

5. For getting chances of going abroad related to the job also high for better work experience and can experience different work culture. Increase dependency can make candidates with good experience grow in the company with enough skill set compared to fresh graduate. Lastly, people who have experiences based have no hesitation to the new environment because the candidates mentally prepared to handle or adapt will the new environment or showing to all kind of people in the previous organization.

2.3.2 Fresh graduate

Choosing fresh graduates carefully is very crucial because the willingness to learn

work and do more work to prove the skill that fresher has, but many issues been

addressed about the risk to hire fresh graduate.

Table 3: Advantage and disadvantage fresh graduate

No Advantage


1. The company can hire fresh graduate with low salaries as a new in the industry and experience level are less according to the talents and abilities.

As new and still young, the interest in job still fluctuating and like to experiment with jobs and not fixed during the job which is not adaptable with the surrounding.

2. Fresh graduate is more serious towards work with the job and pay more attention because need to grab attention of other people about talent and skills that can show to the organization.

Every new employee needs to require training in support the office protocol and etiquette because not fully professional yet.

3. As the graduates are new to the place and ready to learn and adapt accordingly and very enthusiastic about learning and will help company to grow in better way and give benefit to company.

Most of fresh graduate have little to no industry experience and sometimes unknown with the environment or rules of the office/work.

4. Fresh graduate is new generation and very skill in handling new software and technologies while old employee preferable to use old method and that method do not last much, so have that candidates as employee will help to get more updates and news about the things which can make work look good.

Disengaged employees can negatively affect company culture when frequently leads to lower productivity, higher absenteeism, more safety incidents, poor customer service, and lower company profits.

5. New view and perspective of fresh graduate will be view from different angle than before and surely will beneficial to company.

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