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In 2019, Greta Thunberg gave an emotional speech during the UN Climate Action panel in front of a lot of world leaders and global politicians. Throughout her speech, she used many forms of persuasion that successfully grabbed her audience’s attention that made her attempt on getting action is possible. Thunberg’s speech is so unique. Not only because of her age, but because of her tone of voice. Her speech is to-the-point, and she has backed her claims up with evidence.

Compared to most adults, Thunberg has a passion for advocating Earth’s environment. So, in order for Thunberg to gain credibility and respect amongst her elders she has her speeches sound more mature and almost as if someone older wrote the speech.

Now, Thunberg was not a major public figure like she is now, so, she probably does have someone to write her speeches so that people don’t see her as her age, and are paying attention to her words.

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Thunberg needs a solid, powerful speech like this one she made at the Climate Action so that she can have a clear call action to her cause she has to write and perform big speeches for an older audience. An important thing to realize when talking about Thunberg is that she was not a public figure before she started making speeches to important people, she was a regular girl that has a huge passion. One main thing that made Thunberg’s speech at the panel go so viral is that she used powerful statements to evoke immediate reactions towards her peers.

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For example, when Thunberg says: “How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood,” she is being accusatory towards her UN audience (as well as the viewers watching at home), and the statement is strong, enlightening the audience in the shame it should bring them for the fact that a teenager has taken it upon herself to have the adults aware of what the world has become. The world is in the beginning of a world-wide crisis, and the climate is changing and for the worse. The elder generations have run out of ideas and can’t seem to start fighting, and it takes children like Thunberg to step up and raise awareness, when the world should already be aware, and it should spark anger in the adults that a child has been taking charge when it should have been them all along.

With Thunberg addressing the audience as “you” multiple times under a few minutes. The “You” is going directly towards her audience, which is the people who are a part of the United Nations and are international politicians. She needs the audience to feel interacted with during her speech so that they feel the emotion she is feeling so that they know that she is speaking directly to the people who can get the action flowing. Her audience is policy makers, who have the power to start fighting climate change, and they also can improve Earth’s current condition. Along with policy makers and the UN audience, she is speaking to the audience across the screen as well. There are people who can make those important decisions who were not present at the Climate Action speech and if they are feeling as passionate about global warming as Thunberg is than her speech appeals to them as well.

Now that Thunberg has her audience’s attention, she can finally start telling the adults that it’s not fair that they are not listening and the fact that they seem to not care about their next generation. When Thunberg states “The eyes of all future generations are upon you, if you choose to fail us I say we will never forgive you.” Thunberg is blatantly saying that it should not be up to this generation to start figuring out how to save the Earth, there has been plenty of evidence that global warming is happening and the adults in her audience, and all over the world should be doing more than just replacing plastic straws and paper.

These statements that Thunberg makes show that she is also using aggression throughout her entire speech. She doesn’t play nice, she wants the audience to know immediately what she is thinking and why she thinks that way and she doesn’t want to be questioned. It’s not just her words that are aggressive. You can see in the Guardian’s clip of her speech that she starts to twitch and rock back and forth in her chair as she starts to be more passionate about what she is saying. For example when she states “People are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing, we are in the beginning of a mass extinction. And all you can talk about is money, fairy tales of eternal economic growth.” These movements, with the shakiness and the wheezing noises, mixed with the statements she makes his, her, their, etc. get. so aggressive that it strikes a certain feeling of neediness for people to pay attention to global warming.

There could be a reason why Greta Thunberg’s speech would turn off some viewers. For one, she is a teenager with not a lot of life experience, and she is talking to a lot of adults who need to be persuaded to believe in the climate change that is happening. However, even though she has not been alive for that long she definitely knows what she is talking about. Thunberg does her research and includes her statistics with her claims for how the climate is changing and in danger. Thunberg makes the numbers she recites sound scary, as they should. No one should be thinking when she talks about the CO2 levels as normal and purposefully said those numbers to invite a shock throughout her audiences to show that the Earth is not at its normal health.

For example, when Thunberg states “the world had 420 Gigatons CO2 left…on January 1st, 2018. Today that figure is already down to less than 350 Gigatons,” and this fact is alarming. Thunberg is trying to use her numbers in order to inflict some sort of reaction towards her audience so that the ones who don’t believe in global warming can say that these numbers can be easily fixed when they cannot. Thunberg used the numbers to give her story some meat, an extra point to strengthen her argument, so that she could back up her statements with facts. Earth has a certain amount of energy for so long, and you shouldn’t be waiting for some expert to come over and tell you this information, the Earth’s current condition should be obvious.

By even speaking at the UN, she gains trust from her audience because policy makers know that people speak at the UN if they really have the need or want to make a difference or talk about When reciting her powerful words, Thunberg showed her professionalism by knowing to keep a straight face when she was getting applauded and she seemed to know what would hit home to her audience. She knows that she cannot smile during her applause otherwise. viewers everywhere will be thinking that she is doing this for fame and attention. Thunberg was also dressed professionally as well.

For a sixteen-year old, she surely knew how to appropriately confront her audience. When she gained her applause, she showed her seriousness by holding back her smile, convincing her audience even more than she already had, while trying to create this image that even though that she is young, she is mature for her age and more intelligent than any other seventeen year old in her time, Thunberg has the passion for saving the planet is showing that she is old enough to do the work that a grown person can do.

At 16 years old, Greta Thunberg has already achieved so many goals in her life. She has brought awareness to an ongoing situation and society needs to be more careful and aware on how they treat the land and planet that they call home. The way that Thunberg has proven herself within her speech through multiple rhetorical strategies, raised the awareness and has grown to be one of the most influential human beings of all time.

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