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On Going Home Essay

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Did you ever wonder why some people opt for peace and serenity in the company of friends and colleagues? After reading Joan Didion’s, On Going Home, numerous ideas started to rush through my brain. The experiences I had in my life started to come back to me, like a flashback, with all the emotions coming with them. Yes, I know that my life has always been filled with numerous experiences. These experiences have helped me prepare for the life I am to experience when I grow older.

A tragic event in my life led to my growth as an individual. When I was younger, I perceived life to be blissful and full of challenges.

The everyday activities helped shape my future , molding me into the good individual that I want to be. I was a relatively good kid. I attended school daily, and achieved impressive grades. I also had friends both in school and in the neighborhood. One of my closest friends was Charlie, my neighbor.

Charlie and I have been friends since we were six years old. They were new at that time, and when her parents would go to work, Charlie was left in our house. We did things together, and our differences never made a dent in our friendship. She was the perfect friend, who always knew what to do.

I could never imagine going through my life without Charlie by my side. In the summer of junior year, Charlie came over to my house and asked me to join her. I told her I cannot go with her because I was doing my homework, and I had household chores to finish before my parents arrive from work. She said that it was alright, and then she hugged me tight. She told me how much she cherished our friendship and that if ever she died, she will be my angel. She would always watch over me, and guide me to do the right things. I felt shivers come up my spine, and so I asked her what she was up to.

She told me that she just wanted me to know how much she cared for me. So she left. Hours past, and still I have not heard anything from Charlie. I continued doing my homework, when I heard shattered glass from downstairs. I was scared, because I was still alone in the house. I quietly went out of my room to check on where the noises came from. I was really scared, so I left Charlie a message in her voice mail. I asked her if she can come over to help me out, and that it was an emergency. As I reached the living room, I saw the glass windows shattered, and there were evidences that there was someone who broke in our house.

I called Charlie, and this time she answered me. I told her that I think someone broke into our house, and I was still alone. She said to just wait for her, because she was coming over. I tried to be calm, and device a plan to save myself from the distress. I went around the house to look for the culprit, and was shocked when someone pulled me from behind. I was scared to death. I tried to scream, but the man put his hand on my mouth. He pulled me from behind and brought me to my parents’ bedroom. With right hand holding both my arms, he started to tear away my clothes. It turned out that the man did not break in to steal our things.

He was a pervert who has been eyeing on me, waiting for the right time to come. I was crying and screaming my heart out because I was not in favor of the deed this pervert is doing. When I was starting to lose hope, I saw Charlie running towards the door, bringing with her the baseball bat I kept in my room. She hit the man in the head three times making the man dizzy and unconscious. She kicked the man and helped me to get up. We ran to my room, where she gave me the first shirt that she saw, and started running towards the door. Our goal was to get the phone and call 911. Charlie and I ran downstairs.

The main door was locked, and the keys were hidden in the drawers. To avoid wasting time, Charlie and I decided to pass through the back door. As we ran into the kitchen, the pervert surprised us holding a knife in his hand. He said that he was not going to hurt us, if we would give in to what he wanted. Charlie was stern and wanted to fight. She started to throw dishes at the pervert, while keeping me close behind. We were both scared, but we had to hide our fears and show this pervert of a man that he cannot defeat us. The man cut his hand and this gave us the time to run. We passed through the back door and ran outside.

Charlie’s hair was pulled by the man, and she wanted me to go leave her. I cannot just leave my best friend with a man who will just torture her, and reap the dignity away from her. As the fighter, Charlie struggled to get away from the man. She gave him numerous kicks, and blows in the stomach. Little did we know that the man still had a knife on his hand only to be used in this situation. I saw my best friend, Charlie, stabbed to death by a man who tried to molest me. I screamed my heart out, waking the neighbors close by. Soon, the ambulance and the police were there searching for evidences.

Charlie was brought to the hospital, where she was declared death on arrival. Before she died, Charlie told me to fulfill the dreams we built as young kids, and to always be strong no matter what the circumstances are. Soon, Charlie left and became one of the stars in the heavens. She was sixteen. My unwavering friendship with my best friend, Charlie, is something that will always have a place in my heart. She taught me a lot of things, and that it was always worth to fight for the people we care for. Charlie sacrificed her life for me to be saved, and I did not waste that opportunity.

I used this pain to help me go on, and succeed in life. She wanted me to live so that I may fulfill the dreams that we had when we were younger. Nowadays, I work hard to achieve excellence in my chosen field. Although there are times that I am not in a good situation, I still keep a positive note in me. Charlie’s dream was to make a difference in this world, and I want to fulfill that even in my own little way. I want to show the world that regardless of what happened to my life before, I can still manage to rise up and start anew. I know that there are times when I feel like giving up on my career and my life, in general.

Then I start to think about Charlie, and how her unwavering love for me, has shielded me from harm. If I was the fighter between us, I would have been the one who died. Charlie took that option away from me, and me see that my life was destined for something big. After much hard work and dedication, my dreams and aspirations in life are just miles away. I just have to go and expand my knowledge so that I may be fully equipped with the challenges that I will face in my chosen profession. The reading paved way for me to reminisce the friendship that I had with Charlie.

Charlie’s home was two houses away from ours, but her heart has always been with us. She treated us like her own family, and made us feel how much she loved and cared for us. All these years, I have wanted to find a perfect reason as to why Charlie sacrificed her life for me. The reading showed me that irrespective of who you are with, people will do anything for us, especially when they treat us like family. I know this, because this was Charlie’s lifetime sacrifice. When I feel devastated and no will to move on, I just have to look up in the stars and see that someone up there is watching over me until all of my dreams have come true.

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