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On Fulfilling My Dream Essay

In the context of the increasing emphasis that is being aligned upon the individualization of an educational process from school and college, as well as its nature of the sources that a student confront is the supreme concern to those who want to be of help of him. For a student to be in college comprises both fear and excitement. The feeling is overwhelming that a student will need all the help he could get from experienced individuals so as to surpass the challenges that unfold beneath the verity of change. In practical actualization, the challenge already started upon having the thought of choosing which institution to enroll.

As a typical person would describe it, college will determine the future of a being and the extent of knowledge a person may be able to acquire. Just having the contemplation of it would chill the mind of a freshman. Liberal Learning As stressed by Aristotle, the realist, the importance of things is to be known “for their own sakes” to the value and pleasure it may be of use. The benefits of liberal learning are sought on the scope of pursing intellectual work in the most honest, challenging and significant framework. Being a product of a private high school is perhaps an advantage for me to fulfill a truly liberal form of learning.

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Given the fact that the population in our school was very minimal, it gave our teachers the chance to thoroughly know us and evaluate the skills and the abilities that we have as a preparation for what major we are to take in college. Among the numerous colleges to enroll, I chose Pace University to continue building my dreams and honing my future. I have always believed in the importance of standard education and needless to say, Pace has been renowned all over the country for its academic excellence and scholastic integrity.

Every student would want to be among the finest in any field of specialization and I believe I have chosen the perfect place to entrust my future. Another factor that would determine the excellence of a college is the areas of knowledge that it offers. I prudently believe that Civic Engagements and Public Values are the core principles of becoming a responsible citizen in the most professional manner. It unleashes the face of ignorance and builds an intellectual pace of a student. I personally believe that an individual must be aware of the concern of the masses to fully exercise his or her knowledge.

A mind should not be clouded by numbers and formulas alone but also with the twists of the constitution, public relation and the essence of social communication. The preservation of culture is conceivably a very common subject to any form of institution. Western Heritage and World Traditions and Cultures have already been introduced by my teachers even during my early childhood days. To be honest, understanding the importance of the most seemed a little tedious for me before, but having matured made me liberal and vigilant that I realized its essence.

A person shall not be able to move forward without the presence of the past. One fascinating thing that I have learned in Pace are the techniques that one may use for having the past as its basis to avoid making mistakes. Skills and talents are considerably innate or acquired by a person. The thought of having activities that promotes Humanistic and Creative Expressions fascinates me since I have always been on art and theater. Sometimes, it is through these activities that a person is able to express his or her self.

I like the way that Pace allows their students to involve in extra-curricular activities even on the form of classroom interpretation, it is through such that I am able to share a few things of what I have developed in high school in an academic approach. Lastly, human relations and social communication are among the important things to build a harmonious and effective collaboration among individuals. The main fact that any profession involves contact between people; Analysis of Human, Social and Natural Phenomena are as essential as knowing how to compute algebraic expressions or formulating a new substance for a research company.

One needs to be informed and attentive to current events along with the examination of human, organizational and scientific experiences. To wrap up all these, it makes a person understand the environment and apply whatever core he or she may divulge in to. Active Learning I am from Miami, Florida and I must admit that the first few weeks in New York City have been tough for me. Adjustment period, the academic transition, and the whirlwind of homesickness made me feel less confident at first. Aside from that, I had a few issues with regard to health problems and it discreetly made me push forward on adjusting with the new environment.

In the context of lifestyle trend and cultural aspects, Miami is far more different from New York. Miami comprise a laid back community, and having resided there for several years would automatically mean getting used to it. My whole family and my friends are there, as a matter of fact, I could stay there or the rest of my life. However, I painstakingly dwell on the connotation that becoming a lifelong learner means being able respond to the inevitable changes and challenges of your professional and personal life.

And so, being here in Pace and being given the chance to be a part of its scholastic community was a chance I couldn’t resist. I gave up the life that I have in Miami in exchange of moving forward in life span. What made me eager all the more in traversing the realm of Pace University was the opportunity to have partial scholarship. In such way, I shall be able to help my parents from the financial burden while making them proud. I had to sacrifice the limelight and the convenience of my previous life in aide of reaching my dreams.

At present, I know I have made the right choice and I will see to it that I do not fail my parents nor my teachers especially my ego but surpassing all the trials and tribulations set before me. In the light, the knack to imagine, to gain knowledge of, and to articulate oneself both scrupulously and innovatively—the aptitude to comprehend ideas and issues in perspective, the binder to subsist in civilization, and the yearning for genuineness are deep-seated features of our human race. In having education as the core value in the lead of this persona, freethinking and active learning is society’s unsurpassed asset in our communal prospect.

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