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On Friday 22nd February 2019 I was left alone at the house

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (862 words)
Categories: House
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On Friday, 22nd February 2019 I was left alone at the house of my aunt with 6 girls to babysit, when the grown-ups swiftly decided to take the night off and upon them departing, it led me on an observing escapade where I have made some striking revelations.

They have a very luxurious family home, with a contemporary style throughout, in Kempton Park, Johannesburg. A house very spacious throughout with lovely decorations and the post expensive paintings by artists names I can’t even pronounce.

On this particular night my cousin decided to have a sleepover along with my two sisters and 4 other girlfriends. As I am sitting in their spacious living area with clean white walls, in front of a wood burning fireplace, where the sitting area is to my left, I am facing an open area in front of me where the girls had laid out mattresses where they would be having their sleepover.

As I am starting to observe the social situation taking place the girls are starting their night off with an enjoyable game of 30 seconds where they paired up in teams of two. For the first half of the game everything went quite splendid and then it all suddenly changed when my cousins team was falling way behind, and my cousin started getting stressed as I noticed her cheeks turning pink and facial expression changed immediately from smiling the whole time to suddenly looking annoyed. After the game ended and they lost she demanded they have a rematch, whilst the other girls were fixed on playing other games like charades, card games or dominoes but either way she would not accept defeat. They eventually replayed 30 seconds where strangely my cousins team won this time around.

After playing games and not really enjoying it because it was not played for fun anymore but instead as competition the girls decided on watching movies. When it all came down to it my youngest sister, 15 years of age, tried to voice her opinion on a movie, my cousin wouldn’t have it and shut her down as soon as she started talking and told her to go fetch snacks and pop the popcorn as long they search for an enjoyable movie to watch, my sister did ask for help and one of the girls which is her close friend accompanied her to the kitchen. When it came down to choosing the movie that is when the real production took place. Now choosing a movie seems like a fairly easy task but not amongst these young girls. The expression on the other girls faces where very irritated as they pulled their faces and rolled their eyes at her. My cousin said she wanted to watch an animated movie, but the other girls were more thrilled by the idea of a scary night with some horror to watch. My cousin seemed quite upset as she started raising her voice and demanded they watch what she wanted to watch, they then agreed to first watch the animated movie and afterwards put in the horror. This was very interesting to me because this clearly outlined some sense of hierarchy over the others and it became clear to me why and how this hierarchy is communicated. As they laid down and started watching the movies my cousin laid in the middle and so did her friends closest to her, lay near her. My little sister and her friend laid at the end of the combined matrasses.

What I noticed was that my cousin was wearing a silky, shocking pink, Louis Vuitton sleeping gown with pink furry slippers with her shiny, thick black hair hanging loose, while the other girls had on fairly plain and simple pyjamas with their hair all tied back. My cousin was 18 years of age and it was their home after all. She was clearly the most important person in the room. She ordered my sister around because she was the youngest, the fact that she had to go fetch the snacks made it clear that she was less important in the room. She got angry when things did not go her way, she got to choose the movies they would watch. It became clear to me how hierarchy is communicated in this social situation amongst young teenage girls. She is not a nice person as I could see how demanding and controlling she was which made the other girls feel uncomfortable but they still stay her friends and as for my sisters they can’t really do anything because they are related, but because she was economically more advanced than all of the girls, would always wear the latest trends, could provide what the other girls couldn’t she was considered at the top of the food chain. She was the most important in the room because when she spoke everyone listened and it is perceived that the important person ala

In conclusion I was utterly stunned by my discovery of what I examined in this social situation. In this particular situation, importance is classified by social status, by age and possessions. Economic status controlled the situation, though status was the minority in this situation.

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